China Launches Global AI Governance Initiative at Belt and Road Forum


  • China’s Global AI Governance Initiative promotes responsible AI development and international collaboration.
  • The initiative emphasizes a people-centered approach and mutual respect among nations in AI development.
  • Bridging the AI gap and supporting developing countries are key priorities for China in global AI governance.

President Xi Jinping of China, in his keynote address at the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to govern the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) globally. As announced by the President, the Global AI Governance Initiative underscores the importance of addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI while promoting international cooperation and adherence to shared principles. This initiative aligns with China’s broader vision of fostering a community with a shared future for mankind, encapsulated by its Global Development Initiative, Global Security Initiative, and Global Civilization Initiative.

A new frontier: The significance of AI

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a new frontier in human development, offering immense potential for progress, innovation, and transformation across various sectors. However, it also brings unpredictable risks and challenges that transcend national boundaries, necessitating a coordinated global response. President Xi’s announcement of the Global AI Governance Initiative demonstrates China’s proactive approach to addressing these concerns and fostering responsible AI development.

The core components of the global AI governance initiative

The Global AI Governance Initiative is structured around three fundamental aspects: development, security, and governance of AI. These components serve as the foundation for a comprehensive framework designed to guide the responsible evolution of AI technology.

A people-centered approach to AI development

One of the cornerstones of the Initiative is the commitment to a people-centered approach to AI development. China emphasizes the importance of developing AI technologies for the betterment of humanity, ensuring that AI is harnessed to drive human progress and improve the quality of life for individuals worldwide. This principle underscores China’s dedication to harnessing AI for the greater good.

Mutual respect and inclusivity in AI development

China calls for mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefit among nations engaged in AI development. It strongly opposes the formation of ideological divisions or exclusive groups that hinder other countries’ progress in AI. This stance promotes a collaborative approach where nations work together to advance AI technology while respecting each other’s sovereignty and interests.

Enhancing AI security, reliability, and control

To address AI safety and security concerns, the Global AI Governance Initiative advocates establishing a comprehensive testing and assessment system based on AI risk levels. This approach aims to enhance AI technologies’ security, reliability, controllability, and equity. This component ensures that AI is used safely and responsibly by mitigating risks associated with AI development.

International Collaboration and Governance Frameworks

China is a proponent of global cooperation in developing AI governance frameworks, norms, and standards. These frameworks are to be developed through broad consensus among nations and should fully respect individual countries’ diverse policies and practices. Additionally, China supports discussions within the United Nations framework to establish an international institution that governs AI. Such an institution would serve as a platform for coordinating global efforts in AI governance.

Bridging the gap: Supporting developing countries

Recognizing the digital divide in AI and its governance capacity, China emphasizes the importance of international cooperation with and assistance to developing countries. These efforts aim to narrow the gap in AI development and governance capabilities between nations. By providing support and knowledge-sharing, China aims to ensure that all countries can benefit from AI technology.

A constructive approach to global AI governance

The Global AI Governance Initiative represents a constructive and forward-looking approach to addressing the universal concerns surrounding AI development and governance. By outlining these principles, China has provided a blueprint for international discussions and AI rule-making. This initiative promotes cooperation and shared responsibility among nations, ultimately ensuring that AI is developed and deployed to benefit humanity.

China’s commitment to global cooperation

China stands ready to engage in meaningful exchanges and practical cooperation with nations worldwide on global AI governance. President Xi’s announcement reflects China’s commitment to international collaboration and its dedication to using AI technology as a force for good. By fostering responsible AI development and governance, China seeks to contribute to the well-being of all human beings.

China’s launch of the Global AI Governance Initiative marks a significant step towards addressing the global challenges and opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence. With its focus on responsible development, security, and international cooperation, this initiative sets the stage for a collective effort to harness the potential of AI while mitigating its risks. As nations come together to engage in discussions and implement the principles outlined in this initiative, the future of AI development appears promising, with a shared commitment to the betterment of humanity at its core.

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