Blockchain Australia’s CEO Appointment Signals Radical Crypto Regulation Shift

Blockchain Australia's CEO Appointment Signals Radical Crypto Regulation Shift

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  • Blockchain Australia appoints Simon Callaghan as CEO, rejecting the enforcement-based regulatory approach of the United States.
  • Callaghan seeks to establish a balanced regulatory framework that fosters innovation while safeguarding consumers, taking inspiration from international models like the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Blockchain Australia, the peak crypto industry body in the country, has named Simon Callaghan as its new CEO. Callaghan, formerly the digital assets program lead for Cambridge University and a co-founder of corporate service provider MOOPS Tech, aims to expedite the regulatory process for cryptocurrencies in Australia. In his new role, Callaghan emphasizes the importance of avoiding a regulatory approach based on enforcement, taking inspiration instead from countries such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore. His appointment comes after a prolonged period without industry advocacy, following the departure of former CEO Steve Vallas in July 2022.

A Different Approach: Rejecting Regulation by Enforcement

Callaghan asserts that Australia should not emulate the United States’ regulatory stance on cryptocurrencies, which has seen the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) file lawsuits against the world’s largest exchanges and classify numerous tokens as securities. He believes that adopting a “regulation by enforcement” approach, where regulations are primarily enforced through legal actions, is not the appropriate strategy for Australia. Rather, he advocates for a more proactive and forward-thinking approach that balances innovation and consumer protection.

Seeking Inspiration from International Models

Drawing inspiration from global counterparts, Callaghan proposes that Australia should look to the regulatory frameworks being developed in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore. These countries are actively working on regulatory schemes that seek to foster innovation in the crypto industry while maintaining consumer safeguards. 

Notably, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has been urging major banks to collaborate with crypto exchanges, signaling a positive approach toward the sector. Callaghan believes that such initiatives recognize the benefits of blockchain technology, innovation, and job creation, as well as the positive impacts on the broader financial sector.

Striving for Clarity and Collaboration

With over 112 members, including prominent players like Binance Australia, Circle, Ripple, and Mastercard, Blockchain Australia aims to create an environment of clear and effective regulations for the crypto industry. Callaghan stresses that businesses and entrepreneurs need well-defined regulatory guidelines to operate their ventures, develop new technologies, and generate employment opportunities. 

While the Australian government has not taken a firm stance on crypto, Callaghan appreciates their measured and deliberate approach, which allows for thoughtful consideration of the regulatory landscape. Additionally, Callaghan highlights the recent decisions by major Australian banks to impose limitations and blocks on certain payments to local crypto exchanges. 

He suggests that a blanket dismissal of the crypto sector as fraudulent is an oversimplification and instead encourages a data-driven analysis to better understand the industry. Callaghan has already scheduled meetings with these banks in the coming weeks to gain insights into their positions and explore potential collaborations.


Blockchain Australia’s new CEO, Simon Callaghan, aims to accelerate the development of crypto regulations in Australia, advocating for a regulatory approach that looks beyond enforcement actions. Inspired by the regulatory frameworks being established in the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Callaghan seeks to strike a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring consumer protection. 

With the support of the association’s members, he hopes to provide a clear regulatory framework that enables businesses to thrive, technologies to flourish, and job opportunities to be created. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, Australia is poised to embrace a progressive and collaborative approach to crypto regulation under Callaghan’s leadership.

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