BitGo adds TRON to its custody services

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TRON Foundation’s CEO Justin Sun takes to Twitter on Oct 14 to announce that the digital assets storage company BitGo adds TRON to its multi-currency wallet services.

TRON is an ambitious project aimed at building a decentralized platform with unhindered access to digital content sharing. In simpler words, it enables cost-effective ways of sharing digital entertainment content and as a result, experienced mass adoption rate in recent years with its rapidly increasing ecosystem and partnerships.

BitGo adds TRON to drive mass adoption

Adding another feather to its cap, TRON founder and CEO, Justin Sun, recently tweeted about TRON’s integration into BitGo’s security and storage services. Commenting on the proud accomplishment, Sun remarks that TRON is thrilled to be part of BitGo’s services and is delighted to have BitGo as a partner in exploring DeFi applications further, thereby triggering TRON’s adoption rate.


According to its official blog post from Oct 14, BitGo will launch the support for TRONix TRX asset in its custodial and hot wallet services from early next month. This implies that any exchange platform, futures platform, or brokers that wish to keep TRX holdings will have a robust and reliable platform to do so.

BitGo welcomes TRON onboard whole-heartedly

Meanwhile, BitGo is one of the longest-running cryptocurrency custodial services existing today. The integration comes in the wake of BitGo experiencing increasing demand for one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in the world. Thus, BitGo’s support goes a long way in ensuring institutional adoption for TRX.

Benedict Chan, CTO of BitGo, added that the firm was excited to be a part of a successful stint with TRON’s development team in designing their maiden multi-signature, institutional-grade wallet. TRON is forging ahead with on-chain, multi-signature, and this helps BitGo in reaching out to those financial security services clients that demand the highest level of security in storing assets, Chan remarks enthusiastically.

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