Bitcoin ransom demanded to stop bomb explosion in Japan, Ukraine

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Local reports in Japan revealed that the Numata Town Hall office, a government infrastructure in Hokkaido, an island in Japan, received bomb explosion threats after not giving any response to demanded Bitcoin ransom.

The office earlier in the week was threatened to be bombed by an anonymous caller who claimed the bombs would be planted on the building’s second floor. FNN also reported that the threats were sent on four emails on consecutive days last week.

The anonymous caller demanded Bitcoin ransom be delivered by noon (0300 GMT) on Wednesday, threatening to detonate the already planted bombs if authorities did not pay up.

The caller said if you do not respond, a bomb will be placed on the women’s toilet on the second floor of the government office, and It will explode around noon.

Empty bomb threat

Authorities, however, did not yield to paying the Bitcoin ransom, and yet the bomb has not exploded yet even after it has passed the time the anonymous caller threatened the bomb would be detonated. Local police officers are now on the lookout for any suspicious movement in and around the building, while also exploring the possibility of blackmail.

This marks the first time any scammer would deploy bomb threats as a tactic to scam people or authorities of their digital assets. The major scam method is the send one get two BTC, which happened on Twitter recently and Youtube ads.

Ukraine Bomb threat, Bitcoin ransom demand

Similar to the Japan bomb threat for BTC, it also happened in Ukraine recently were some men threatened to bomb a building in Kyiv if they weren’t paid 50 Bitcoin.

These men were unlucky in their attempts, however, as authorities in Ukraine responded immediately to the attempt and arrested two people suspected to be brains behind the threat.

Police in Ukraine have said the matter currently is being investigated.

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