Bitcoin Cash price sheds gains to reach $285

As of 3rd November, Bitcoin Cash price had dropped below the $288 support line, shedding most of its gains to reach $285 on 4th November. The following BCH price analysis shows the ruffled price pattern of the cryptocurrency’s market.

5-Day BCH/USD Chart

Bitcoin Cash price sheds gains to reach $285 1

Bitcoin Cash price chart by Trading View

On October 30, Bitcoin Cash price experienced an abrupt increase, moving its price to just below the $304 price level, after which it shed most of its price gains, coming down to the $272 price line on November 1.

The market’s bulls led the price towards another substantial incline, moving it across the $300 price level on November 3. Following the day, a bearish movement was observed, marking another loss of over thirteen US dollars. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) trades at $285.

Bitcoin Cash price: What to expect?

Bitcoin Cash price sheds gains to reach $285 2

Bitcoin Cash chart by Trading View

As per the chart above, the 50-day Moving Average is at $286.1, while the 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) has fallen to $286.0 from its recent peak value over the $285 support line. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently lies above 45.

The charts show variable price shifts, depicting the lack of uniformity in the cryptocurrency’s rise and fall patterns.

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