Bitcoin Cash price goes up by 1.18%

With most of its journey over the $300 price mark, Bitcoin Cash price has retraced back to its value just over the $296 price line.

BCH/USD 1-Day Price Chart

Bitcoin Cash price goes up by 1.18% 1

Price Chart by Trading View

Bitcoin Cash started stepped in on November 6 with a price as low as $292.89. The cryptocurrency then shed another dollar, marking its low of $291.88 for the day, after which the bulls followed, taking it all the way across the $308 mark, towards its high of 308.51 US dollars precisely.

Following the day, the trading pair was able to make the most of its journey while depicting bullish triangular intervals above the $300 price line.

According to the chart above, the Bitcoin Cash price rests just over the $296 price mark, at 296.97 US dollars, as these lines are being written. The price line has slid close to the $289 price mark.

Bitcoin Cash Price: Expectations

Bitcoin Cash price goes up by 1.18% 2

Bitcoin Cash Chart by Trading View

As per the price chart, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) currently lies between the levels 30 and 40, at 36.45 and changing. The RSI has come down from its peak of 80.52, and it may close at 36.45. As a result of the drop, the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) has strayed away from its high of $308.65, down to below the $298.50 mark at $298.46, although it is set to close at 302.24.

The Moving Average is still found over the $300 level, currently at $302.24. The price range for November 6 is set as $292 to $308. With its current market cap of 5,402,642,101 US dollars, Bitcoin Cash comes at number four in the list of the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

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