Binance Coin ETP added to SIX exchange

Binance Coin ETP added to SIX exchange

The largest Swiss exchange SIX has introduced a Binance Coin ETP, which will allow users to interact with the BNB token. 

The new exchange-traded product (ETP) is called Amun Binance BNB ETP functions, just like a regular stock. This means that users can purchase it from a licensed brokerage firm, or through a bank.

Binance Coin ETP

The Binance BNB token has become rather popular in recent months. Despite some turbulent price drops, BNB still attracts a large pool of interested traders and investors. 

Consequently, SIX, the most prominent Swiss exchange, has decided to give traders the opportunity to interact with BNB. 

Until now, the Binance native token was not part of the listed securities on SIX. However, with the introduction of the Binance Coin ETP, traders now have the opportunity to trade and purchase the exchange-traded product. 

Switzerland and cryptocurrency

Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe, which has given blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies a lot of support. 

The SIX stock exchange has gained popularity in the crypto sphere, as it has continued listing tokens. According to the latest announcements by the exchange, traders will soon have the opportunity to trade Bitcoin Cash as well. 

Aside from the forward-thinking SIX exchange, Switzerland is leading a revolution in blockchain and cryptocurrency education as well. It was one of the first countries to start offering higher education courses in blockchain technology. The University of Geneva introduced the course following strong demand from students, and major industries.

Switzerland is becoming a cryptocurrency development hub in Europe, despite the somewhat negative perceptions of its neighbors, when it comes to digital currencies. 

Tina Yordanova

Tina Yordanova

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