Why Beeple Dismisses AI as Sole Solution for Rekindling Interest in NFTs


  • Beeple, the renowned artist behind the $69.3 million NFT artwork “Everydays,” warns that AI is not a quick fix for the slumping market of nonfungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Proponents of AI-generated art claim it can reignite interest in NFTs, but Beeple emphasizes the need for truly innovative ideas.
  • Despite the market slump, Beeple remains optimistic about the future of NFTs, believing that embracing genuine innovation will attract an audience.

Renowned artist Beeple, also known as Michael Winkelmann, has dismissed the notion that artificial intelligence (AI) can serve as a simple solution to reviving the struggling market for nonfungible tokens (NFTs). While proponents argue that AI-generated art can infuse new creativity and interest into the NFT marketplace, Beeple asserts that AI alone cannot imbue lasting value into these digital collectibles.

Speaking on Bloomberg Television, he emphasizes the importance of genuine innovation and novel ideas to preserve the significance of NFTs, which have experienced a decline in activity since their peak in 2022. In a landscape where speculative fervor has waned, Beeple believes that owning digital assets remains a relatively new concept, offering potential for growth among those who leverage the medium for innovative and unique creations.

The limitations of AI in NFT art

The intersection of AI and NFTs has been seen as a potential remedy for the subdued state of the digital collectibles market. Advocates argue that AI-driven art introduces interactive creativity that can breathe new life into NFTs, thereby rekindling interest among collectors and investors. Beeple, the acclaimed artist behind the groundbreaking NFT artwork “Everydays,” which fetched an astounding $69.3 million in 2021, cautions against relying solely on AI to restore value to NFTs. According to him, the ease of generating art through AI could lead to an oversaturation of derivative content, diluting the uniqueness and significance of individual NFTs.

Beeple’s insight suggests that for NFTs to maintain value, creators must imbue their works with truly innovative and fresh ideas, ensuring distinctiveness and long-term worth in the market. In Beeple’s statements, he highlights that AI should not be considered a simple and immediate solution for conferring value to NFTs. He asserts that authentic value in NFTs requires the presence of a genuinely innovative and novel concept.

Navigating the NFT market slump and future prospects

The once-booming market for NFTs, buoyed by a crypto and NFT price surge during the pandemic era, has encountered a prolonged downturn, raising questions about its potential for revival. Notably, the Bitwise Blue-Chip NFT Collections index has experienced a staggering decline of over 80% from its peak approximately 15 months ago. According to Beeple, despite the current market downturn and the departure of speculators, the notion of owning digital assets is still a relatively fresh concept. He expressed his belief that this concept will persistently grow and attract an audience that resonates with it.

Despite the prevailing market slump, Beeple maintains an optimistic outlook on the future of NFTs, especially for those visionaries who wholeheartedly embrace the medium to spearhead groundbreaking and captivating creations. These impassioned creators, fueled by a relentless determination to unlock the full potential of NFTs, wield the power to not only draw in but also captivate an ever-growing audience enchanted by the novelty and ingenuity of these digital collectibles. As the NFT market continues to evolve, embracing a culture of genuine innovation and novel ideas, the allure of NFTs may yet experience a renaissance, establishing an enduring and sustainable presence in the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of digital ownership and artistic expression.

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