Barcelona’s CCCB Hosts AI Exhibition, Where Art, Science, and Technology Converge

AI exhibition

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  • A comprehensive exploration of AI’s impact on everyday life, scientific research, supercomputing, legislation, misinformation, biases, and artistic creativity.
  • More than 20 cutting-edge installations, including works by renowned artists and collaborations with leading research centers.
  • MareNostrum 5, Europe’s powerful supercomputer, coincides with the exhibition, promising accelerated AI research breakthroughs.

In a significant revelation for technology enthusiasts and the curious alike, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) is set to host an extraordinary exhibition, “Artificial Intelligence,” co-produced with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS). Originating from the Barbican Centre in London, this immersive experience is curated by the intersectional mind of Lluís Nacenta, fusing music, art, technology, and science. Under the scientific guidance of Jordi Torres, a BSC researcher, the exhibition dives deep into the nuanced landscape of artificial intelligence, offering a tangible understanding of its current state and the debates shaping its future.

Navigating the AI landscape

Against the backdrop of intense public discourse surrounding AI, the exhibition at CCCB takes center stage in elucidating the multifaceted role of artificial intelligence in contemporary society. Through an intricate layout, visitors are guided through the diverse themes that encapsulate the AI narrative. From its omnipresence in daily life to its pivotal role in scientific and biomedical research, the exhibition offers a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by AI.

The immersive experience includes firsthand accounts from experts, a captivating timeline highlighting key technological developments, and thought-provoking installations that transcend conventional artistic boundaries. Artists such as Universal Everything and Robert del Naja (Massive Attack) join forces with research and innovation centers like BSC-NCS, UPF’s Music Technology Group, CVC, and MIT to present a collective exploration of AI’s impact.

MareNostrum 5 and the future of AI research

Simultaneously, the AI exhibition aligns with a momentous event—the unveiling of MareNostrum 5 at BSC. As one of Europe’s most powerful supercomputers, MareNostrum 5 promises to accelerate AI research, opening avenues for scientific breakthroughs that address global challenges. The anticipation of its presentation this autumn adds a layer of excitement to the exhibition, emphasizing the intertwined future of AI and advanced computing. The confluence of MareNostrum 5 and the AI exhibition serves as a symbol of the collective efforts to harness the potential of artificial intelligence for scientific progress, paving the way for innovative solutions to challenges such as climate change and precision medicine.

The AI Exhibition at CCCB unfolds its narrative across four distinct sections, each offering a unique lens into the multifaceted realm of artificial intelligence.

A World of Data – In the section “A World of Data,” the exhibition thrusts visitors into the intricate web of AI’s dependence on data. The interactive installation, “Future You” by Universal Everything, mirrors the visitor’s movements, highlighting the sensitivity of AI to data nuances. Weidi Zhang’s facial recognition interactive, “RAY,” and Joy Buolamwini’s work, “AI, Ain’t I a Woman?,” critique the racial biases embedded in AI. Eduard Escoffet’s sound installation, “Eco i L’Oracle,” in collaboration with BSC scientists, immerses visitors in a sensory exploration of AI’s connection to the natural world.

Machines That Think – The section “Machines That Think” delves into the evolving intelligence of AI. A comprehensive timeline spanning from Babbage to the present day traces the trajectory of machine thinking. Anna Ridler’s iconic work, “Myriad (Tulips),” and Mario Klingemann’s interactive installation, “Circuit Training,” dissect how machines learn and interpret their surroundings. The exhibition challenges the very essence of human thought, providing insight into the evolving symbiosis between machines and the human mind.

The Dream of AI – Tracing the historical roots of AI, the section “The Dream of AI” explores humanity’s age-old desire to create intelligent, autonomous beings. Drawing connections to Shinto, Judaism, alchemy, and Gothic literature, the exhibition unveils the cultural and mythical inspirations that fuel our fascination and apprehension toward AI. Numerical systems, representations of the Golem, and Ramon Lull’s combinatorial art converge to reveal the intricate tapestry of AI’s origins.

Endless Transformation – In the final section, “Endless Transformation,” the exhibition showcases the contemporary impact of AI on science, culture, and the arts. Robert del Naja’s (Massive Attack) transformation of his album “Mezzanine” into genetic material signals a convergence of AI and music that transcends temporal constraints. “Resurrecting the Sublime,” a project by Christina Agapakis, Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, and Sissel Tolaas, allows visitors to experience the fragrance of an extinct plant, unveiling the potential of AI in ecological conservation. The +RAIN Film Fest presents films created using AI, while Maria Arnal’s interactive installation, “Maria Choir,” invites visitors to contribute to a musical composition, demonstrating the collaborative potential of AI in artistic expression.

MareNostrum 5 enhances AI exhibition experience at CCCB

As Barcelona’s CCCB transforms into a dynamic hub of AI exploration, MareNostrum 5’s presence promises an acceleration of groundbreaking research, reinforcing the city’s commitment to shaping a future where artificial intelligence transcends boundaries. Observing the convergence of technology and imagination at this extraordinary exhibition marks a pivotal moment in Barcelona’s journey toward redefining the possibilities of human innovation.

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