Barcelona-based Street Cy₿er collective: Uniting Bitcoin and street art

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  • Street Cy₿er, a collective originating from Barcelona, uses street art across Europe to advocate for Bitcoin, critiquing the traditional financial system.
  • The group believes Bitcoin can pave the way for a more equitable world, emphasizing its potential to prioritize sectors like education and reduce warfare.

In the vibrant lanes of Barcelona, a unique fusion of art and financial revolution is unfolding. The Street Cy₿er artist collective, with its motley group of artists, musicians, and Bitcoin enthusiasts, is rewriting the narrative on cryptocurrency. By using the raw power of street art, this collective is not only celebrating Bitcoin but also challenging the public’s perception of traditional financial systems, leaving an indelible mark on the urban landscapes across Europe.

Street Cy₿er’s European artistic invasion

Only nine months since its inception in January 2023, Street Cy₿er boasts an impressive assembly of over 100 fervent members, ranging from street artists and musicians to Bitcoin aficionados. This talented crew, inspired by the revolutionary ethos of Bitcoin, has taken to the streets of cities like London, Berlin, Prague, and even Riga and Tallin in the Baltics. Their expressive murals have graced skate parks, train stations, and even ordinary bus stops, transforming these everyday places into canvases championing the cryptocurrency cause.

What sets Street Cy₿er apart is their commitment to not only celebrating Bitcoin but also critiquing the contemporary financial system. Their creations, which they actively share on social media platforms, often juxtapose Bitcoin against the alleged failures of the traditional economic model. As “Street,” one of the co-founders of the collective, “Street art is also a way to bypass the traditional media, which is often controlled by powerful interests.”

Bitcoin’s revolutionary promise, Through art

Diving deeper into their work, certain pieces stand out with profound implications. One such artwork titled “Buy Bitcoin Defund The State” encapsulates the spirit of an emerging global sentiment. It projects Bitcoin not merely as a digital currency but as a tool of peaceful protest, empowering individuals to gradually detach from the prevailing financial grid and, as Street puts it, “escape the tyranny of the state.”

Furthermore, Street elaborates on the transformative societal potential Bitcoin holds. Envisioning a world where Bitcoin underpins economic operations, he suggests that its inherent scarcity could serve as a deterrent for governments against waging wars, given their inability to fabricate more of it to fund military endeavors. 

This characteristic of Bitcoin, Street believes, will push nations towards prioritizing sectors like education. He reflects, “Bitcoin is a scarce resource, so governments would have to be careful about how they spend it. This would make governments more accountable to their citizens and would help to ensure that education is a top priority.”

While the collective is profoundly political in many of its undertakings, it also interweaves pop culture elements to draw wider appeal. From iconic figures like Mario to Ronald McDonald, Street Cy₿er ingeniously incorporates these beloved characters, associating them with the Bitcoin logo.

Innovative advocacy beyond Street Cy₿er

But Street Cy₿er isn’t the only group pioneering creative methods of Bitcoin advocacy. Earlier this year, in a dramatic gesture, a bold Bitcoin logo accompanied by the message “Study Bitcoin” was projected onto the facade of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. This act came during a turbulent time in the global banking sector, marked by the shocking collapse of key institutions like the Silicon Valley Bank

Another noteworthy mention is the Bitcoin-themed projection on Germany’s tallest building, the Berliner Fernsehturm Tower. Beyond these grand gestures, smaller yet significant acts of advocacy are emerging, with “Stuff4btc” individuals placing stickers emblazoned with Bitcoin messages in public spaces.


As the world stands at the crossroads of financial transformation, initiatives like that of Street Cy₿er offer more than just aesthetic appeal. Their artistry is a testament to the dynamic interplay between culture, economics, and social change. As cryptocurrency continues to challenge financial norms and reshape our global economic landscape, the works of Street Cy₿er serve as both a beacon and a mirror, reflecting the aspirations of a new age and lighting the way for those eager to embrace change.

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