Baldur’s Gate 3: A Statistical Insight into Player Choices and Gameplay Trends


  • Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate 3 attracts 1.3 million players, with 94% opting for custom characters and 51.3% favoring Shadowheart’s romance.
  • Players spend 452.6 million hours in-game, exploring modes like Custom and Honour Mode, where 464 parties complete the challenging single-life experience.
  • Recent updates reveal gamers’ diverse choices, including unconventional romance with a bear-transforming character, showcasing the enduring appeal of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Game enthusiasts around the world have embraced Baldur’s Gate 3 with remarkable enthusiasm, as indicated by recent statistics released by Larian Studios. The game, set in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy world, has seen an impressive 1.3 million players completing their quests since its release on August 3.

Player choices: Avatars and romance arcs

Baldur’s Gate 3 witnessed an overwhelming 94% of players opting for a custom character, investing a collective 8,196 years in perfecting their avatars. Among the pre-existing characters, Gale emerged as the preferred choice, closely followed by Astarion. Karlach and Shadowheart share the third spot, with Wyll and Lae’zel following suit. Intriguingly, Shadowheart stands out as the favored romantic interest, securing the hearts of 51.3% of players who reached the final act of her romance arc.

The game introduces an unconventional romantic subplot with Halsin the druid, known for his ability to transform into a bear. Surprisingly, players had the option to engage in romantic encounters with Halsin while he was in his bear form. However, the majority of Halsin’s admirers chose the more conventional route, opting to “bear all” in his human state.

Gameplay dynamics: Hours spent and modes explored

In a testament to Baldur’s Gate 3’s immersive gameplay, enthusiasts have collectively invested a staggering 452,556,984 hours in the game, equivalent to almost 51,662 years of continuous play. On November 30, Larian Studios introduced a game-changing patch, incorporating Custom Mode and Honour Mode. The former empowers players to tailor their gaming experience, while Honour Mode, a formidable challenge with a single life and no save scumming, has seen 464 parties completing the game and 34,000 players meeting their virtual demise.

Game updates and community engagement

Larian Studios remains committed to enhancing player experience, evident in the regular updates and patches. The most recent update in late November not only introduced new gameplay modes but also added complexity and diversity to the gaming landscape. With a thriving community, united by shared experiences, Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to evolve, fostering engagement and camaraderie among players.

A community united by cheese wheels

The success of Baldur’s Gate 3 extends beyond its compelling narrative and intricate gameplay mechanics. The game has cultivated a robust and engaged community, evident in the diverse choices made by players and the sheer dedication reflected in the hours invested. Whether transforming into a sentient wheel of cheese or navigating complex romantic arcs, players have found common ground in the rich and dynamic world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

As the game continues to capture the imaginations of players worldwide, the statistics presented by Larian Studios serve not only as a testament to its popularity but also as a fascinating insight into the diverse ways in which gamers choose to experience this virtual realm. With its innovative updates and a community bound by shared adventures, Baldur’s Gate 3 stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of immersive and choice-driven role-playing games.

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