Azerbaijan gets on blockchain bandwagon to improve operations

A high-level government official chairing the government internet forum (AMF) has announced earlier this week that the Azerbaijani authority about to adopt blockchain solutions to improve the housing sector.

The announcement didn’t stop there, the Chairman of AMF went on to express that the blockchain technology would also be used to enhance the utility sectors in the country.

Osman Gunduz also revealed that Azerbaijani ministry of Justice is leading this technology transformation in the country. The initiative has already in the process where the first meeting was held on the 30th of October.

Provision of services, electricity needs and other technical details were the primary agenda of the meeting which means the government will soon be rolling out the said solutions for the citizens.

Gunduz further revealed that the ministry is looking to make their contracts more secure, transparent and error-free therefore the blockchain solution is under consideration. He added that this would also allow citizens to control the process.

The chairperson expressed that his agency is responsible for about thirty services and almost half of them involve complex algorithms and registries. This makes blockchain the perfect go-to technology for projects such as a Mobile notary office. There are many other projects and use cases already under the ministry’s consideration.

The blockchain is taking over the world whether you like it or not and Azerbaijan is certainly not going to wait while other countries decide. They have decided to be on the leading spots along with Dubai, Belgium and other countries adopting blockchain for governance.