Nasdaq is up and about to help clean the crypto sphere of fraud and scam

If you are in trading or hedge fund business, you would know what Nasdaq is and what the world’s largest exchange is capable of pulling if determined.

Having praised the exchange let us not delay any further and give you the good news that Nasdaq has finally decided to lend the market surveillance tools.

Well, the release came as a wave of happiness and sigh of relief for exchanges across the globe when Nasdaq announced in a paper that it would be helping exchanges to avoid crypto frauds.

The paper focuses on the measures that would integrate preventive and security measures and help save investments, especially in the crypto sphere.

Nasdaq implies that these tool the company has developed and has been successfully using to curb crypto frauds are an additional layer. The first layer as the company implies is the exchange rules and regulations along with the surveillance staff.

The paper uses Singapore, the most crypto-friendly nation at the moment, along with one of the United Arab Emirate states, Abu Dhabi as model cases for crypto regulation efficiency.

The paper further concludes that the company’s intent to help the sphere is an attempt to stabilize the extremely volatile market which is driven primarily by the retail investors.

The surveillance software dubbed Nasdaq SMARTS haven’t shown any previous track record so far but experts believe that the name Nasdaq is a surety enough for most exchanges to make the purchase.

Media outlets have also reported that exchanges and companies are already approaching Nasdaq to discuss licensing details.