Axie Infinity Origins S8 Postseason Begins With the Elite 8 Tournament, Giveaways, and Updates

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  • Axie Infinity Origins Season 8 has ended, and the Postseason has begun.
  • It comes with the Elite 8 tournament, giveaways, and a balancing patch.
  • Two new Axies are joining in, along with the return of the Collectible Leaderboard.

The Axie Infinity Origins Season 8 has finally ended, and the Postseason has started. The main highlight of the Postseason is the upcoming Elite 8 tournament, which features giveaways of up to 600 Axies followed by several new updates.

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The Axie Origins Elite 8 tournament will take place on 25th May at 7:00 AM EST following the end of season 8. It will feature the top 8 players from the previous season competing against each other for a shared prize pool of 3,000 AXS.

Axie Infinity Origins Elite 8 tournament (image taken from its official X account)
Elite 8 Tournament: Battle for the Crown (Source: Axie Infinity Blog)

Fans can watch the tournament live and participate in giveaways with up to 600 Axies up for grab during the broadcast. Two brand new Axies, Machito and Bard, are also entering the game as part of the new update, along with the return of the Collectible Leaderboard and a balancing patch.


New Axies Machito and Bard Join In

Machito is more of a trickster and a musician who wields maracas. The maracas are just a distraction for his enemies as he prepares to topple the enemies over to protect his team. His abilities are designed to help his team survive longer in a battle.

Machito in Axie Infinity Origins
Upcoming Axie Machito (Source: Axie Infinity Blog)

On the other hand, Bard’s nature is more free-spirited, and he enjoys singing for the trees in the forests of Lunacia. However, his abilities are designed to overwhelm the opponents with menacing blows.

Bard in Axie Infinity Origins
Upcoming Axie Bard (Source: Axie Infinity Blog)

New Balance Updates are Coming to Axie Infinity Origins

After the S8 Postseason ends, the Axie team will send out new balancing updates at the start of the S9 Preseason. It will start with disabling all the Charms and Runes of S8. New S8.5 R/C packs will be available at the shop for free, containing the latest S9 effects. Here’s what the current timeline looks like:

  • 29 May – Rare S8.5 Box Unlocks
  • 1 Jun – Epic S8.5 Box Unlocks
  • 5 Jun – Mystic S8.5 Box Unlocks

The last time the team launched a balancing update was for Season 7, in which the Bubble Bomb’s damage was reduced from 32 to 30. Also, Heart of the Ocean’s bonus damage was reduced from 2% to 1.5% of the target’s maximum HP.


The Offseason Collectible Leaderboard Is Coming Back

The Offseason Collectible Leaderboard is also making its way back to Axie Origins starting from 29th May (3:30 AM UTC) till 12th June (3:00 AM UTC). In this period, players who own collectible Axies can compete for a chance to win AXS rewards from a shared pool of 4,000 AXS.

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Players need at least one collectible Axie to enter the arena and earn points to rise on the collectible leaderboard. A multiplier will be applied to the points based on the collectible, such as Mystic (3x), Origin (1.5x), and MEO/Japanese/Xmas/Shiny (0.75x). However, it requires players to be in Boar or a higher rank. Here’s an overview of the rank points system:

  • Board – 1 Point
  • Wolf – 2 Points
  • Bear – 4 Points
  • Tiger – 8 Points
  • Dragon – 15 Points
  • Challenger – 32 Points

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