AWS and Avalanche collaborate on scalable blockchain solutions


  • Ava Labs succeeded in building a serverless architecture on AWS
  • The business value generated by blockchain is anticipated to grow from $176 billion in 2025 to $3.1 trillion in 2030.

Nothing can be considered more secure than the world built on blockchain, decentralized and unamendable digital ledgers that organize a list of transactions stored in blocks. Some mainstream companies like AWS and Avalanche have been embracing blockchains to optimize their costs while having an edge in providing faster, safer, and transparent products to their customers.

As per the Web3 development report, 36% of all existing smart contracts were placed in 2022. The business value generated by blockchain is anticipated to grow from $176 billion in 2025 to $3.1 trillion in 2030.

A digital disruptor supporting this mainstream growth of blockchain is Ava Labs. The same startup is also responsible for launching the Avalanche blockchain platform and is also considered a primary contributor to innovative activities on the chain. 

In order to accelerate web3 adoption and to support the technology, Ava Labs succeeded in building a serverless architecture on AWS. The synergy of Proactive partnership and AWS’ cloud solutions play a significant role in the journey of Ava Labs to adopt web3.

Ava Labs & AWS to expedite web3 adoption

The Avalanche’s mission is not just to play in the world of crypto but to tokenize all the world’s financial assets to build the best possible system for everyone. In order to support that Avalanche uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) an AWS solution to provide consistent millisecond performance. Confirming the transactions instantly and processing thousands of transactions per second.

Simplifying the processes by spinning up Subnets relies on dynamically-provisioned AWS instances. Therefore, people can quickly, easily, launch their own chain in just a couple of clicks.” With AWS’s global footprint. Avalanche is also launching customized blockchains private and public in a few seconds to accommodate demand.

Ava Labs also uses a free program by participating in AWS Activate that helps businesses to build and scale by offering its members AWS credits, tools, resources, and expert advice. Furthermore, AWS Activate is considered the best resource for developers to drive applications to the masses with Avalanche’s security, and trailblazing speed.

Amazon Web Services Marketplace to launch a validator node

Now, it has become quite simple for global users to launch an Avalanche Validator Node from the Amazon Web Services Marketplace due to AWS’ global infrastructure and commitment to compliance. AWS simplifies the processes of Ava Labs by enabling customers to launch validator nodes without any restricted legal jurisdiction.

Ava Labs further plans to upgrade with subnet deployment as a properly managed service to the AWS Marketplace in 2023. AWS is considerably valuable to Ava Labs as it streamlines developers’ ability to go from zero to in-production with a well-dedicated infrastructure. Undoubtedly, it is relatively significant to early-stage and startup Web3 projects who actually benefit from that blockchain as a secure service model.

Web3 is shaping the future with Ava Labs and AWS

Ava Labs is collaborating with AWS to host entrepreneur- and developer-focused events to provide blockchain execution environments to many great developers globally. Such events provide web3 developers and analysts an opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge from industry experts to maximize success for their respective startups and products. 

The product market fit, protocol, go-to-market strategy, Avalanche-specific technical guidance,  dApp design best practices, and a few more will feature competitions judged by leading venture capitalists and web3 professionals. This will ensure that teams and top-tier individuals experience continued support after the completion of the program.


Developers would be enabled to focus on the app building on a Subnet, and the whole laborious architecture process would not be needed to be done over again. The vision of the collaboration is incredibly broad, as it ensures everything ties into the societal problems of the day.

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