$ 30,146.00 1.98%
$ 2,021.57 2.01%
$ 52.07 3.53%
$ 0.086385 0.41%
$ 8.03 0.22%
$ 1.40 1.06%
$ 0.000187 82.44%

Arweave (AR) Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is AR a Good Investment?


Arwearve price prediction is conducted by combining a wide range of technical indicators and statistical data analysis techniques to project the future price of AR – the native digital token of the Arweave decentralized storage network. So, following up on project developments is necessary to separate the fly-by-night startups from the real ones.

Source: Twitter

When conducting price predictions, careful considerations of the historical price action are considered to develop the most relevant forecasts of the Arweave price.

More often than not, ambitious blockchain concepts are introduced to the market half-baked and often lack the requirements to appeal to a knowledgeable pool of investors. However, Arweave introduced a brilliant blockchain project to the crypto market that allows individuals to bet positively about its future price.

Before we analyze the price charts for its native token, let’s understand the Arweave platform and its unique blockchain features that will disrupt the data and storage industry in the computing world.

What is Arweave?

Arweave ecosystem is a permanent data storage platform that is decentralized – in that it is collectively owned. The innovative usage of blockchain technology is poised to disrupt the information storage sector and alter how data is universally handled over the internet.

The Arvweave project was initially launched in August 2017 under the name, Archain. However, the company rebranded to Arweave in February of 2018 before its launch in June.

The shared information storage ecosystem is collectively owned, and miners are paid using the AR cryptocurrency. The token is the native token within the blockweave. A blockweave is essentially a structure reminiscent of a blockchain but offers more scalability due to its inherent support of on-chain storage.

Arweave is a solid project destined to disrupt industry norms, and investors are generally optimistic about the project’s future. The sentiments are evident when analyzing the price movements of AR on the cryptocurrency markets.

With a proper understanding of the Arweave platform, we can now analyze the past price actions of the Arweave AR tokens and determine AR price prediction.

Arweave Overview

Arweave Overview
CoinSymbolPriceMarketcapChangeLast 24hSupplyVolume (24h)
AR$ 15.56$ 776.39 M2.44%50.11 M$ 16.10 M

Token Summary

Arweave price has been highly unstable since it started selling on the cryptocurrency market. Ar coin has been a favorite for traders with an appetite for highly volatile cryptocurrencies considering its big ROI of 5,053.1%. Arweave is trading at 57.2% below its all-time high price of $89.24 set on 5th November 2021. Arweave has an all-time low of $0.298788 set about two years back. Arweave’s token symbol is Ar.

Pros and Cons of investing in Arweave

Crypto investments have a relatively higher risk profile than conventional investments. Although blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in general, have grown significantly, they are still considered to be highly speculative investments. Some renowned investors even believe that most cryptocurrencies do not have intrinsic value and therefore are purely theoretical.

Although there is some truth in that, the risk profiles of each crypto coin are different, giving cryptocurrency holders the task to determine which cryptocurrency tokens to include in their investment portfolio. As a result, investing in AR also has its merits and demerits, considering its current price and the expected future price of AR according to AR price projection.

Pros of investing in Arweave

  • Arweave is a solid blockchain project that aims to provide real value to the data management and storage sector. With the advancements in tech, data is a crucial part of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AR can benefit from adopting the decentralized information storage provided by Arweave, and AR holders can benefit a great deal.
  • Based on trend analysis of Arweave AR price on the charts, the token is poised to enjoy a relatively impressive bull run at the beginning of 2022, and the momentum is projected to continue for long, owing to the strong support levels on its price charts, giving potential for increasing in price.
  • Considering the current price of AR, the token is significantly below its all-time high price. However, the anticipated bullish momentum will most probably propel the price of AR to new ATHs

Cons of investing in Arweave

  • Despite the Arweave blockchain’s validation, it is still a relatively new concept that could easily fail to be scalable enough to capture a wider market. Suppose it fails to hack the scalability issue, it may lose the market and eventually be detrimental to AR holders.
  • Arweave utilizes new technologies to provide a service that is undoubtedly needed in the computing and information management world. However, there is stiff competition in the blockchain industry and suppose a better project is introduced, the AR token could plummet and hurt AR holders financially.

Where can I buy Arweave cryptocurrency?

Ar is available on several crypto exchange platforms across the globe. Today, you can directly purchase AR on Binance -the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. AR is available on other platforms such as, KuCoin, and Huobi Global, all credible cryptocurrency exchange platforms with sufficient liquidity.

Arweave (AR) Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is AR a Good Investment? 1

Technical Analysis

Arweave has had a downward trend from its ATH in November 2021. It has been volatile; however, the dropping trend seems to change direction from 15th March onwards. Bitcoin price began rising about the same time.

MACD chart on a 4-hour time frame shows how Ar selling/buying price has been falling until 15th March when momentum picked up. The MACD line breaks above the signal line and crossovers above the zero line.

Arweave (AR) Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is AR a Good Investment? 2

Williams alligator shows a similar pattern; while the abrupt high rise in prices may be unstable, they could trade higher shortly before a reversal pattern starts forming.

Arweave (AR) Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is AR a Good Investment? 3

Arweave price is selling below our annual forecast; we expect the prices will sell higher later this year.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, and technical chart analysis is not failproof.

Arweave price predictions 2022 – 2030


Walletinvestor rates Arweave a C, 1-year term investment. Prices will be volatile in the next two weeks, ranging between $42.402 and $37.450. Price growth this year is forecast to hit 72.2% in 2023. 158% within the same period in 2024, 243% in 2025, 328% in 2026 and  411% in 2027.


Ar token forecasts for the next four months by Technewsleader show a downward trend. ROI within one month will be -57.56% and -43.44% in four months. However, a price rise is expected in 2023, reaching $65.72. The upward trend will continue into 2024 when prices average $92.75. The price of Arweave will reach the $100 mark in 2025, with prices averaging $132. Further projections indicate the price will rise 100% and reach the $200 mark in 2026. The rising trend will continue into 2027 when the price averages $292.94. Arweave will sell at $864.45 in 2030.

Crypto news

For 2022, Cryptonewsz Arweave analysis forecast an average of $43, with prices likely to reach $45, the current support level is $30. Prices will rise to $53 in 2023, and the bullish trend will push into 2024 at $74. Long-term, into 2026, the price will average $83, reaching a maximum value of $83 and a minimum of $70.


Arweave price today is $37.79.

Arweave (AR) Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is AR a Good Investment? 4
Note: Amounts in USD

Note: Amounts are in US Dollars.

Arweave Price Prediction 2022

Ar is selling today way below its forecast price. Prices for this year will average $46.62 and will reach a high price level of $54.31.

Arweave Price Prediction 2023

Analysts unanimously agree that the Ar bullish trend will begin in 2023. The price will average $70.42, trading between a maximum price of $77.95 and a minimum of $68.09.

Arweave Price Prediction 2024

The positive trend will push Arweave price past its ATH price and reach a high of $117. Prices in 2024 will average $101.32.

Arweave Price Prediction 2025

Data storage will play an integral role in Web 3. Ar has to establish itself as the dominant storage option of choice for increased price growth. Arweave will sell at $150.09 during this period, selling between a high price of $172.03 and $145.02.

Arweave Price Prediction 2026

Ar projections show Ar coin price will reach the $200 mark in 2026. The mean selling price will be  $218.09, ranging between a low price of $210.58 and a high price of $250.82.

Arweave Price Prediction 2027

Arweave protocol will undergo many innovations as more needs for scalability and privacy arise. In stable market conditions, Arweave’s average trading price will be $323.10; it will trade at a maximum price of $370.22 and a minimum price of $314.38.

Arweave Price Prediction 2028

Web 3 Defi applications will be in more demand as their benefits become commonplace. Arweave token price will average $464.96 and trade between a high price of $536.86 and a low price of $448.80.

Arweave Price Prediction 2029

Ar projections and historical data analysis place the price of Arweave at $649.81. Arweave price will sell between a maximum price of $773.37 and a minimum price value of $631.21.

Arweave Price Prediction 2030

The rising trend will extend into 2030, and you will be able to sell Arweave for $1100.The price will, however, be correct and average at $926.03.

Arweave Price Predictions by Industry Influencers

Earlier this month, Abitrum announced a partnership with Arweave. Arweave will offer storage services for Abitrum, a product by Offchainlabs built to scale the Ethereum protocol.

This week Bitpanda highlighted the role played by Arweave in data storage. Data lost through server damage will not be a thing for Arweave as all the information is stored in a decentralized manner.

The web of perpetuity.


A fully decentralized Web3 will require the various Defis to outsource each other’s services. Arweave is creating a product with a resilient knowledge base. While the blockchain space is becoming competitive, Arweave is expected to bring in more innovations and partners to play above the others. If Arweave can overcome this challenge, we expect its price to continually rise over time, with a horizon forecast of $1000 in 2030.

The virtual currency market remains highly volatile, which will likely affect Arweave’s price.

FAQS about Arweave

Where can you purchase Arweave?

You can purchase Arweave on these crypto exchanges: Binance, Huobi global,, and Kucoin. Available trading pairs are AR/BUSD, AR/USDT, and AR/BTC.

Which wallets can store Ar token?

Ar token can be stored in the Arweave web wallet and Math wallet with plans to integrate it into the Trust wallet.

Will Arweave sell at $1000?

Arweave will sell at $1000 in 2030

What will be the value of Arweave in 10 years?

Arweave value will likely be $1200 in ten years.

Is Arweave a safe investment in 2022?

AR should experience a short bear run in December of 2021; a solid upward trend should be triggered by Jan of 2022, which will see the cryptocurrency skyrocket to new ATHs.

However, if you are looking to invest in AR and cash-out by the end of the year, it would be advisable to wait since the current downward trend may result in losses for such a short-term investment.

Is Arweave profitable for short-term investors?

Short-term investments are relative, although a one-year investment is generally considered short-term. In that case, investing in AR for one year could be profitable.

According to our Arweave prediction, a one-year investment in AR from today would yield positive growth, although minimal considering the Arweave price today. However, AR could be an excellent coin if you are trading crypto.

Should I buy and hold Arweave for the long term?

AR is an excellent long-term investment. Our Arweave forecast shows that crypto enthusiasts can realize impressive gains over three years and beyond.

The long-term price prognosis shows excellent price gains of +100% on a conservative scale. These kinds of returns are often impossible to achieve through conventional investment vehicles. Therefore cryptocurrency enthusiasts could buy and hold Arweave AR based on our forecast system.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
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