Apple anti-crypto policies hinder crypto growth, says Brian Armstrong

Apple anti crypto policies hinder crypto growth says Brian Armstrong

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Apple anti-crypto policies are very much in place even as crypto has entered mainstream finance. With Bitcoin price soaring to $12,000 even in such an unpredictable market, Apple anti-crypto policies are a surprise to many investors. The latest backlash comes from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong who says that the tech giant still has trust issues with cryptocurrencies.


A few months ago, the crypto exchange Coinbase issued a warning to its customers that an application may leave the Apple store. Today, the two are again at crossroads when it comes to Apple anti-crypto policies.

Apple anti-crypto policies slowing crypto progress

In his latest tweet, Brian Armstrong says that Apple anti-crypto policies are proving to be a hindrance in many ways. Apple is restricting various cryptocurrency-related functionalities on the Apple Store, including the ability to earn money and providing unhindered access to decentralized applications.

The DeFi realm is rising fast. Investors are looking to invest in DeFi-related technologies. Brian says that Apple anti-crypto policies have proven to be a great hindrance as iOS users are unable to experience the full functionalities offered by many crypto products and services.

The hostile nature of Apple towards crypto industry slows the progressive march of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Currently, iOS users cannot make cryptocurrency by finishing tasks. The tech giant is also blocking unhindered dApp browsers. These are serious allegations against a global brand and is a roadblock in crypto growth.

Major tech giants still anti-crypto

Last year, Coinbase published a warning to its users that its dApp browser app may be removed from the Apply Store. The crypto exchange cited Apple anti-crypto policies as the reason behind such a move. Back then, both Google and Apple were in favour of removing the dApp from their respective networks.

Besides crypto, Apple’s App Store policies are facing criticism from developers who allege that the tech giant often dictates unfair terms. Both app developers and publishers have policy-related concerns with Apple. Big names like Epic Games and the Wall Street Journal have expressed their displeasure with Apple. Now, Apple anti-crypto policies are again in the news courtesy Brian’s latest tweet.

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