Anoma Foundation announces the launch of Namada: The forefront of multichain privacy

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  • Anoma Foundation’s Namada introduces “shielded swaps,” allowing private interactions with assets across diverse chains, initially partnering with Osmosis in the Cosmos ecosystem.
  • The protocol employs the Comet BFT consensus mechanism, is compatible with all Cosmos-based chains, and provides a seamless two-way bridge to Ethereum.

The Anoma Foundation, a visionary nonprofit organization in blockchain infrastructure, has unveiled its newest endeavor, the Namada protocol. This mainnet launch aims to enhance multichain privacy, positioning Namada as a revolutionary tool for users to transact with robust confidentiality.

Introducing shielded swaps

Namada’s debut introduces the groundbreaking concept of “shielded swaps.” Awa Sun Yin, co-founder of the Anoma Foundation, elaborated on the principle behind this innovation. The protocol creates a unique ‘shielded pool’, where users can interact with various assets from multiple chains. This guarantees that their interactions remain private, irrespective of the asset type or the chain they originate from.

As part of its initial launch, Osmosis users, a network famed for its focus on the Cosmos automated market maker, can instantly enjoy transactions without the usual transparency of identities, transaction volumes, or asset classifications. The inception of this shielded swap means that the exchange of assets can now occur without the conventional transparency that often jeopardizes the confidentiality of users.

While the collaboration with Osmosis is undeniably groundbreaking, Yin teased more potential partnerships, suggesting that the Namada protocol is only at the beginning of its ambitious journey.

Embracing interoperability and high-end privacy

A deep dive into the Namada protocol reveals a commitment to technical excellence. Comet BFT, a derivative of the renowned Tendermint Core, drives the blockchain. This ensures a robust consensus mechanism that paves the way for heightened security and scalability. Furthermore, its compatibility extends to all Cosmos-based chains, exemplifying the protocol’s vision for broad-scale applicability.

Yin expounded on this compatibility, particularly with Ethereum. The innovative two-way bridge to Ethereum is a testament to Namada’s dedication to establishing itself as a significant player in the blockchain sphere. Yin articulated, “Namada’s multi-asset shielded pool is poised to cater to users from both Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems.” She continued, “Our focus is on enriching user experiences across multiple chains, all while maintaining strict adherence to unrivaled privacy standards.”

Yin’s commitment to privacy was evident throughout the discussion. She stressed that for Namada, privacy isn’t merely an added layer; it’s an intrinsic quality. Each blockchain interaction, she argues, needs to be underpinned by a guarantee of privacy. The work on Namada isn’t just about technological advancements. It is a deeper exploration into harnessing the untapped potential of multichain functions bolstered by privacy.

The strategic launch at Korea Blockchain Week

In a strategic move, the Anoma Foundation chose the esteemed Korea Blockchain Week to unveil Namada. The decision was not coincidental. Yin sees Asia, particularly Korea, as a hotspot for blockchain innovation and rapid adoption. Korea is not just a lucrative market but represents a hub of intellectual capital poised to usher in the next era of advancements in blockchain technology.

“Asia holds not only the market potential but the intellectual vigor propelling the next series of leaps in this domain,” Yin emphasized.

The launching of Namada during such a significant event in Korea accentuates the Anoma Foundation’s vision. By aligning with a region known for its technological fervor, Namada is not just launched but is symbolically integrated into the future of blockchain innovations.


Namada’s unveiling by the Anoma Foundation isn’t merely the launch of another blockchain protocol. It signifies a leap into the future where multichain transactions are seamlessly private, where users from different ecosystems can confidently interact without sacrificing their confidentiality. As the world watches and as more collaborations unfold, Namada promises a future where privacy and interchain operability are not just desired but guaranteed.

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