Americana opens up physical vault for digital collectibles

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  • Americana has announced that its ‘phygital’ vault for collectibles is now open for public use.
  • The company highlights the process of storing collectibles in its vault.

In recent years, the intersection of blockchain technology and collectibles has given rise to innovative platforms aiming to revolutionize the way valuable items are exhibited, shared, and traded. Among these pioneering platforms is Americana, a venture that began as a community-specific project and has since transformed into a comprehensive one-stop shop. Americana seamlessly blends the convenience of an online marketplace with the security of a physical vault, all while leveraging blockchain technology for owner authentication.

Americana is teaming up with firms to provide the feature

Headed by CEO Jake Frey, whose Frey Labs digital design studio boasts collaborations with tech giants like Apple, Snapchat, Shopify, and Twitter, Americana has garnered support from established entities like OpenSea and 776, the venture capital firm led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Traditionally, precious items such as artworks and vintage cars have been stored in banks and art storage facilities, rendering them largely inaccessible for exhibition or acquisition.

However, Americana aims to bridge this gap by enabling securely vaulted physical assets to be digitally displayed and traded. The platform achieves this by providing on-chain digital certificates for listed items, allowing transactions to occur via their tokenized counterparts without necessarily moving the physical objects from the secure facility.

The process commences with a personalized consultation, during which the Americana team collaborates with transportation experts to develop a tailored intake plan for each asset. Following receipt, the items undergo authentication, digitization, and meticulous documentation before being safely stored within the vault.

Authentication mechanisms differ depending on the type of collectible. Some items are pre-authenticated by third parties or authenticated directly by their creators. For artworks, Americana employs micron indenters—a form of digital fingerprinting technology—that analyzes specific areas of work, including signatures, by reading the level of molecules. This information is then used to create a series of readings that are cross-referenced for verification.

The firm explains the storage process

The digitization process relies on a giant 3D photogrammetry machine equipped with eight high-resolution cameras, capturing detailed 360-degree imagery. This allows users to experience the collectibles closely through the platform interface, virtually inspecting the items from various angles.

To enhance the security and authenticity of each asset, Americana mints a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain, which serves as a certification of authenticity, provenance, and digital scans. Additionally, the NFT also includes an insurance policy, offering further protection to owners.

Americana embraces the concept of non-custodial ownership, which has gained traction in the last year. This model enables platforms like Americana to offer token-backed storage in climate-controlled vaults for physical collectibles, including sneakers and trading cards. Furthermore, the platform ensures that artists who vault their creations receive secondary market creator royalties through smart contracts.

Collaborating with established storage experts such as Crozier Fine Arts, whose facilities boast stringent climate and temperature controls, Americana guarantees the safekeeping of its precious assets. Presently, Americana’s vault houses an impressive array of collectibles, ranging from artworks by creators like Dustin Yellan and Tom Sachs to Rolex watches and jewelry. The collection even includes rare, unopened Pokemon cards and a Moto Guzzi motorcycle.

By combining the physicality of collectibles with the security and transparency of blockchain technology, Americana aims to make the ownership and trading of valuable items more accessible and engaging to a wider audience. As CEO Jake Frey succinctly puts it, “It’s time to use blockchain with things that make sense to normal people.” With the continued growth of non-fungible tokens and blockchain innovation, Americana is at the forefront of a new era in the world of collectibles.

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