Alan Wake 2: What’s Next for the Thriller Saga?


  • Sam Lake finished filming for “Alan Wake 2” DLC, sparking fan theories about the game’s future.
  • The DLC will offer glimpses into the RemedyVerse but won’t repeat the “Control” and “Alan Wake” crossover.
  • Hints in the upcoming content suggest the world of “Alan Wake” will grow, connecting more deeply with the “Control” universe.

The gaming world buzzed last year with the release of “Alan Wake 2,” a game that snagged numerous Game of the Year nods. Known for its wild visuals and deep story, the latest chapter didn’t disappoint, delivering a mix of mystery and action that fans loved. Now, with DLC on the horizon, all eyes are on Remedy Entertainment for their next move in this twisted tale.

Sam Lake caps off DLC filming

A big reveal came from Sam Lake, the creative mind behind the game’s memorable characters. On Twitter, Lake announced he finished motion capture work for the upcoming “Alan Wake 2” DLC. Though he’s done playing Alex Casey, a key figure in the story, details about the DLC remain under wraps. This hasn’t stopped fans from guessing, especially after Courtney Hope, known for her role in “Control,” teased her involvement, sparking rumors of a crossover.

Despite Lake ending his role, anticipation builds on what these DLC packs will entail. How will Alex Casey fit into the new stories? And with hints of Courtney Hope’s involvement, the link between “Alan Wake” and “Control” continues to intrigue players.

Beyond the DLC

Remedy has a knack for weaving hints of future projects into their current games. While Lake made it clear that we shouldn’t expect a repeat of the “Control” and “Alan Wake” crossover from the AWE expansion, the upcoming DLC for “Alan Wake 2” promises to offer glimpses into what’s next for this universe. Specifically, Lake teased that the Lake House and the Federal Bureau of Control would play significant roles, suggesting a deeper exploration of this enigmatic world. But for concrete details, fans will have to wait and see.

This approach keeps players engaged, always looking for clues and theorizing about the future. It’s a smart move by Remedy, maintaining interest in their games long after the initial release. And with the promise of links to the next “Control” game, the excitement only grows.

Expanding the RemedyVerse

“Alan Wake 2” is more than just a game; it’s a piece of a much larger puzzle. Remedy Entertainment has been crafting a universe where their stories intertwine, creating a rich tapestry of narratives. The upcoming DLC, while not a direct sequel to the crossover event AWE, is set to broaden the universe even further. The Lake House and its mysteries offer a new avenue for storytelling, hinting at a future where the lines between games blur even more.

Fans are on the edge of their seats, eager to see how the stories of Alan Wake and Jesse Faden will evolve. While the next big crossover might not be on the cards just yet, the promise of new content and the expansion of the RemedyVerse is enough to keep the community buzzing with theories and speculation.

As we wait for the DLC and the hints it holds, one thing is clear: Remedy Entertainment knows how to keep its fans hooked. With every release, the world of Alan Wake grows, pulling us deeper into its mysteries. And as we dive into these new chapters, we’re not just playing a game; we’re uncovering a universe, piece by piece.

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