AI helps farmers plant crops and raise livestock

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  • Farmers in Malawi began using an artificial intelligence-based app to ask questions and diagnose crops and livestock diseases.
  • Farmers yield more crops and dairy products using AI-based software that accurately predicts weather and monitors livestock. 
  • Researchers and scientists from NC University built a robot that collects agricultural data. 

An artificial intelligence mobile app helps smallholder farmers in Malawi answer questions and identify crop and livestock issues. Other AI-powered software helps farmers in the United States monitor cows’ behavior and measure the cow comfort index. At NC State University, scientists built a robot that collects agricultural data. 

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The robot is in an empty field at NC State’s Centennial Campus. It’s one of the devices that will feed agricultural data into the NC Plant Sciences Initiative’s supercomputer. The supercomputer will train an LLM on agricultural data, making creating AI tools and software geared toward farmers easier. 

Farmers fight climate change using AI

There are approximately 33 million smallholder farms in Africa, and they contribute to 70% of the food supply. In Malawi, smallholder farmers use an artificial intelligence app called Ulangizi that offers advice, answers questions, and diagnoses crop and livestock diseases. The app can listen and reply through voice notes, making communication easy. It replaces government support agents who help farmers read and draft their issues. 

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In early 2023, tropical cyclone Freddy hit southern Malawi. Within six days, it dropped six months’ worth of rainfall. The massive amount of rain caused floods and mudslides, destroying 179,000 hectares of crop fields and affecting 2 million farmers and their livestock. Artificial intelligence apps help farmers overcome the consequences of climate change and prepare for climate disasters like cyclones, floods, and storms.

AI helps crops and livestock farmers yield more

The effects of climate change are undeniable, and weather conditions are unpredictable for farmers. However, there are artificial intelligence systems that help farmers predict weather more accurately. Artificial intelligence systems like ClimateAI use historical and current data like air temperatures, humidity, satellite images, and rainfall to forecast weather conditions accurately. It advises and assists farmers in planning, selecting crops, timing planting, harvesting, and yield prediction.  

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In the dairy industry, artificial intelligence and computer vision help farmers gather more information about their livestock. Artificial intelligence software like Cainthus monitors the activities of cows, enhances feed management, and analyzes collected data and their impact on dairy production. Farmers can now measure the cow comfort index daily compared to before when people measured the index for research purposes.

Robots collect agricultural data

Researchers and scientists at North Carolina State University created a robot named BenchBot 3.0. The robot will take hundreds of thousands of crop images to build the largest open-source agricultural image repository. The North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative is leading the project. The robot will send the images to a supercomputer based on the NVIDIA Grace Hopper 200.

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The BenchBot will help make precision agriculture a reality. For example, instead of spraying a whole field with pesticides, the robot will make detecting areas with insects easier. This approach will help farmers reduce the use of chemicals, save on costs, and yield better crops. Additionally, collecting data and images will allow scientists to create tools that will help farmers map fields, locate weeds, and make decisions on crop rotation and fertilizer use. 

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