OpenAI Introduces a New AI Model for Schools and Universities

OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Edu for Schools and UniversitiesOpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Edu for Schools and Universities

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  • OpenAI will release ChatGPT Edu for higher education institutions in the summers. It will be affordable and include GPT-4o.
  • Universities began collaborating with OpenAI before the release of ChatGPT Edu. This latest development follows the success of ChatGPT Enterprise.
  • Students use ChatGPT to learn new concepts and solve mathematics and coding problems. Copilot has been available for universities since last year.

OpenAI introduced a new AI model named ChatGPT Edu. This version of ChatGPT is designed to help university students and faculty staff, as well as streamline campus operations. OpenAI is offering ChatGPT Edu at an affordable rate for universities and schools.

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The new AI model has reasoning capabilities for audio, text, and images. It has advanced features like data analysis. OpenAI built the new model because it saw massive success in top universities in the United States that utilized ChatGPT Enterprise.

ChatGPT Edu Will Be a Part of Education

OpenAI stated that ChatGPT Edu will include GPT-4o, the most powerful AI model OpenAI offers to the public. GPT-4o has shown proficiency in interpreting text, programming, and mathematics. In addition, the model helps students in live browsing, research, and text summarization. ChatGPT Edu will enable universities to build specialized GPTs for several purposes. For example, universities can build GPTs to exclusively tutor mathematics or assist students in writing lab reports.

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Furthermore, ChatGPT Edu will support more than 50 languages. The company stated that ChatGPT Edu will be available in the summer and will give universities strong administration control, security, and high messaging limits. OpenAI stated that it will not use the data to train its other models.

Universities Are Collaborating With OpenAI

Earlier this year, Arizona State University (ASU) announced its collaboration with OpenAI. ASU is the first higher education institution to formally partner with OpenAI. The goal was to utilize ChatGPT Enterprise to advance research and learning. Other universities have followed ASU’s footsteps, including Columbia University and Oxford University. OpenAI’s university partners will shift to using ChatGPT Edu.

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According to a survey from Programiz, 62% of students use ChatGPT to learn to code. 3 out of 4 students said ChatGPT improved their coding skills. A Reddit user who’s a C++ lecturer reported that he now accepts AI-assisted homework. Another Redditor said ChatGPT helped him understand mathematical concepts and saved him many hours.


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Many universities have access to Copilot Pro, which comes with Office 365’s Edu package. Last year, Microsoft announced the expansion of Microsoft Copilot access in education. Copilot provides access to GPT-4, DALL-E 3, and Code Interpreter. Copilot is also available for university faculties and staff.




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