AI Generated Naked Images of Minors Scandal Under Investigation by Spanish Authorities


  • Mothers in Almendralejo, Spain, report AI-altered naked images of their young daughters circulating in town.
  • Police launch an investigation to identify those responsible for creating and sharing the images.
  • Concerns rise about the potential upload of these images to Adult websites.

In a disturbing incident that has sent shockwaves through the Extremadura region of Spain, mothers in the town of Almendralejo have reported the distribution of manipulated naked images of their young daughters. These images, generated through artificial intelligence, have been altered to remove the clothing of the girls, raising serious concerns about privacy, consent, and digital safety. The incident has prompted a police investigation, as well as calls for cooperation from those responsible to rectify the situation and prevent further harm.

Mothers speak out

Local resident Miriam Al Adib took to her verified Instagram account to bring this alarming issue to the forefront. Her daughter informed her about the use of an app to create a manipulated naked image, leading to the discovery that numerous girls had fallen victim to this distressing trend. Al Adib expressed her frustration, emphasizing the gravity of the situation and its emotional toll on the victims. Francisco Mendoza, a regional government official, revealed that the authorities have already made progress in identifying potential culprits involved in the creation of these AI-generated naked images. A spokesperson from the high court of justice confirmed an ongoing police investigation into the matter.

The affected mothers have not remained silent either. Pilar Porrón, whose daughter was among the victims, recounted how her child learned of her involvement in one of these manipulated images through a friend. Fátima Gomez shared an even more harrowing experience, detailing how her daughter was targeted by an extortion attempt using one of these doctored images. The gravity of the situation is palpable, with mothers banding together to raise their voices against this disturbing violation of privacy and consent.

Concerns of online uploads

One of the paramount and highly consequential apprehensions emanating from this unfortunate incident pertains to the plausible scenario wherein these tampered naked images may find their way onto nefarious online adult platforms or, even more disconcerting, be disseminated across a wider digital landscape, thus compounding and exacerbating the already acute emotional turmoil endured by the aggrieved victims. Al Adib, in her poignant and impassioned Instagram post, unequivocally underscored the egregious criminality inherent in the odious utilization of individuals’ photographs in such a reprehensible manner, all while casting them adrift in the boundless sea of digital circulation. 

María Guardiola, occupying the distinguished position of the head of the Extremadura regional government, resolutely and vehemently condemned this abhorrent incident as an act of digital violence against women, characterizing it as nothing short of a loathsome and abominable transgression against the fairer sex. Guardiola’s steadfast and robust pronouncement serves as a potent testament to the burgeoning disquietude surrounding the malevolent activities that pervade the online sphere, and the manifold repercussions they engender.

AI generated deep fakes in a wider context

This shocking incident unfolds against the backdrop of Spain grappling with a broader reckoning concerning assault and gender-based violence. The use of artificial intelligence to generate explicit images of young girls in Almendralejo has sparked outrage and a robust response from both law enforcement and the affected families. 

The incident highlights the pressing need for increased digital safety measures and serves as a stark reminder of the importance of consent, respect, and protection for minors in the digital age. Spain continues to confront difficult conversations surrounding gender-based violence and the importance of respecting boundaries and consent in all aspects of life.

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