AI Startup Empowers People with Disabilities in Thailand’s Labor Force


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  • Vulcan Coalition, a Thai AI startup, is leading the way in inclusive employment, with over 90% of its workforce comprised of people with disabilities.
  • By combining AI-powered services and accommodations, Vulcan demonstrates that inclusivity benefits both employees and clients.
  • Creative hiring models, cost-effective accommodations, and remote work options can help bridge the employment gap for people with disabilities.

In a groundbreaking move, an artificial intelligence startup in Thailand, the Vulcan Coalition, is revolutionizing the employment landscape for people with disabilities (PWDs). With a workforce comprising over 90% PWDs, Vulcan is not only providing valuable employment opportunities but also leveraging AI to deliver cutting-edge services to its clients. This innovative approach not only supports individuals with disabilities but also serves as a model for other companies striving to meet hiring quotas.

Thailand Empowers PWDs in the workplace

PWDs often face significant hurdles when seeking employment, resulting in lower employment rates compared to the general population. In many developing countries, up to 90% of working-age PWDs are unemployed, according to UN data. Even in industrialized nations, the employment gap persists, with figures ranging from 50% to 70%. Discrimination and the reluctance of employers to accommodate disabilities contribute to these stark statistics.

Vulcan Coalition’s founder and CEO, Methawee Thatsanasateankit, recognized the potential of this untapped labor force. By creating a workplace culture that welcomes PWDs and offers meaningful employment, Vulcan is not only transforming individual lives but also challenging stereotypes and biases.

AI-powered services and inclusivity

Vulcan’s core mission is to harness the capabilities of PWDs and use AI to provide services that benefit both clients and employees. The startup offers AI-powered solutions such as a customer support chatbot, software for detecting signs of depression among employees, and data labeling for machine learning and AI algorithms. These services are not only technologically advanced but also inclusive, with PWDs playing crucial roles as team leads, trainers, and engineers.

The company’s unique approach to hiring and training allows individuals with varying disabilities to contribute effectively to the workforce. From those with visual impairments to those with mobility limitations, Vulcan provides tailored accommodations to support employees in their roles.

Meeting hiring quotas creatively

To address the challenges faced by PWDs in the job market, several countries have implemented hiring quotas for businesses. Thai law, for instance, mandates that companies employ one person with a disability for every 100 employees on their payroll. However, this system presents two alternatives: hiring PWDs or paying a fee to opt out. Some companies opt for the latter, perceiving the employment of PWDs as burdensome.

Vulcan has ingeniously transformed this situation into an opportunity. The startup offers a third alternative: companies can contract Vulcan to hire PWDs on their behalf. Vulcan then employs these individuals on its AI projects, effectively creating a win-win scenario. The business partners receive access to Vulcan’s AI applications, providing an incentive for them to choose workforce outsourcing over paying government fees.

This approach allows Vulcan to specialize in working with PWDs while enabling other Thai companies to meet their hiring quotas effortlessly.

Addressing the real costs of accommodation

Advocates for PWDs’ right to work emphasize that most accommodations are neither costly nor challenging to implement. Flexibility in working hours, remote work options, reserved parking spots, or ground-floor office spaces are often sufficient to create an accessible work environment.

Vulcan has incorporated these principles into its operations. Employees with visual impairments rely on audio-based communication, while a team of deaf college students collaborates with the help of caregivers who convey information. Moreover, Vulcan’s embrace of remote work has expanded its talent pool, demonstrating that working from home can benefit all employees, not just those with disabilities.

The economic value of inclusivity

The benefits of an inclusive workplace extend beyond social responsibility. Estimates from the International Labour Organization suggest that raising the employment level of PWDs to that of the general population could boost a country’s GDP by 3% to 7%. Inclusion is not limited to PWDs; it encompasses understanding and accommodating various limitations to enable everyone to contribute effectively.

Vulcan Coalition’s pioneering efforts exemplify the transformative potential of inclusive hiring practices. By harnessing the talents of PWDs and leveraging AI, the startup is not only challenging societal norms but also demonstrating the economic and social benefits of an inclusive workforce.

The Vulcan Coalition serves as a beacon of hope and innovation in the realm of disability employment. By focusing on abilities rather than limitations, the startup empowers PWDs to excel in AI-powered roles while dispelling stereotypes and discrimination. The company’s approach not only enriches the lives of its employees but also provides valuable lessons for companies worldwide seeking to create inclusive workplaces. Vulcan’s success reinforces the notion that when individuals are given the opportunity to thrive, they can make substantial contributions to society and the economy.

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