Survey Finds 81% of Transport Industry Professionals Embrace AI’s Positive Impact


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  • A survey reveals that 81% of transport professionals believe AI will positively impact their sector, with improved data analysis and cybersecurity topping the list.
  • Over a third of transport pros already use AI, while 60% plan to adopt it soon, reflecting a strong industry momentum.
  •  AI’s impact on transport projects goes beyond data analysis, requiring skills development and role changes for project practitioners.

In a recent survey conducted by the Association for Project Management (APM), most project professionals working in the transport industry expressed optimism about the transformative potential of AI technology. The survey polled nearly 1,000 project professionals across various sectors and unveiled a resounding consensus among transport industry experts, with 81% believing that AI advancements will bring positive changes to their field. Key anticipated benefits include enhanced data analysis capabilities, bolstered cybersecurity measures, and the generation of more robust reports.

Transport industry professionals and AI

The APM survey carried out in collaboration with research firm Censuswide, painted a positive picture of the transport sector’s perception of AI technology. 81% of respondents working in transport-related roles expected AI advancements to impact their industry favorably. This sentiment reflects a deep-seated optimism regarding the role of AI in shaping the future of transportation.

Interestingly, only 2% of respondents foresaw a negative impact from AI technology, while 17% remained neutral, believing that the effects would neither be positive nor negative.

Anticipated benefits of AI in the transport industry

The survey probed the reasons behind this widespread enthusiasm for AI within the transport sector. Respondents identified several key benefits that they anticipate AI will bring to their field:

More accurate data analysis: AI’s ability to process vast datasets swiftly and accurately is expected to improve decision-making processes in the transport sector.

Stronger cybersecurity: As the transport industry becomes increasingly digitalized, AI is crucial to strengthen cybersecurity measures and protect against cyber threats.

Produce more consistent and timely reports: AI-driven data analysis and reporting tools are expected to streamline reporting processes, ensuring that information is both consistent and timely.

Assist in decision-making: AI’s capacity to analyze complex data and provide actionable insights is anticipated to assist transport professionals in making informed decisions.

Current AI adoption and plans

The survey also shed light on the current state of AI adoption within the transport industry. An impressive 36% of project professionals working in transportation reported that their organizations already use AI in projects. Furthermore, a substantial 60% stated that their organizations plan to incorporate AI technology soon. This indicates a strong momentum towards AI integration within the industry.

Conversely, only 4% of respondents in the transport sector reported that their organizations neither currently use AI nor have plans to introduce it. This suggests that AI is increasingly becoming integral to the transportation landscape.

The impact on project practitioners

The influence of AI on individual project practitioners within the transport sector was also explored in the survey. Among respondents whose companies have already integrated AI technology into their project delivery, a significant majority (88%) noted that it has changed their roles or teams.

The most common changes reported include:

Enhanced data analysis: AI technology has enabled more precise data analysis, allowing project professionals to make better-informed decisions.

Skills recruitment: Some respondents reported the need to recruit individuals with specialized AI-related skills to their teams or organizations.

Training and upskilling: AI integration has necessitated training and upskilling efforts to ensure that project professionals are well-equipped to harness AI’s potential.

Improved reporting: AI tools have facilitated the production of more consistent and timely reports, enhancing project transparency and accountability.

The future of AI in transport

Professor Adam Boddison OBE, Chief Executive of APM, highlighted the industry’s enthusiastic embrace of AI and its potential impact. He emphasized that while the positive outlook is encouraging, it also underscores the need for professionals to adapt and continuously update their skills to keep pace with the rapid advancements in AI technology.

Boddison further stressed the importance of training and upskilling for those in the field, emphasizing that businesses and senior project managers considering AI implementation should prioritize training for intended users. He argued that this investment in human capital is vital to realizing the desired improvements in project delivery.

The findings of the APM survey offer a compelling snapshot of the transport industry’s outlook on AI technology. With a resounding 81% of professionals expressing optimism, it is clear that the transport sector sees AI as a powerful tool for shaping its future. The survey also underscores the industry’s proactive approach to AI adoption, with a substantial portion already using AI or planning to do so.

As AI technology continues to evolve, it is apparent that transport professionals are ready to harness its potential for more accurate data analysis, enhanced cybersecurity, improved reporting, and informed decision-making. The transport industry’s embrace of AI paints a promising picture of a sector poised to leverage cutting-edge technology to benefit its projects and stakeholders.

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