$27M unlocked tokens bring uncertainty to the crypto market

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  • This week will see the release of tokens worth around $27.5 million from various crypto and DeFi firms.
  • Axie Infinity AXS is set to release 3.43 million tokens into circulation, with an estimated market value of $22 million.
  • In addition to SPACE ID’s 15 million ID tokens, the X2Y2 NFT marketplace has unlocked 37.5 million tokens.

A recent incident in the crypto sector recently sent shockwaves through the market – the unlocked tokens. Tokens worth $27 million were unlocked, causing a market supply surge. Investors, traders, and fans were all waiting impatiently to see how this unlocked token would impact the price of other cryptos.

The locked-up token in issue belonged to a well-known blockchain project, and the market was unsure of the effects of its release because it had been locked up for so long. Rumors abounded as the unlocking date drew near, and viewpoints were greatly divided. Some anticipated a brief fall due to the rush of tokens, while others saw it as a chance to buy the dip.

The tokens unlocked impact

According to the Token.unlocks.app, this week will see the release of tokens with a market value of almost $27.5 million. Already in retreat from last week’s Ripple-induced spike, several altcoins could fall even further if this happens. 

On July 18, the Token.Unlocks.app platform announced that Cliff would release crypto tokens worth millions of dollars.

Of these, the Axie Infinity AXS unlock on July 22 is the most significant. This will cause an oversupply of AXS tokens in the market by an estimated 3,43,000,000 (or 3% of the total supply). And at a stunning $22 million, the large token tranche is a bargain.

The April release of 18.9 million AXS tokens was far more extensive than this one. AXS dropped 17% the week before the event, so this time, it’s reasonable to assume a smaller drop in price.

At the time of publication, shares of AXS had fallen 1.2% on the day to $6.34, a decline of 96% from its all-time high. 

More than 15 million ID tokens for use with the SPACE ID digital identity network will be available on July 22—around $4 million worth, or 5.3% of the total supply. The value of ID has fallen by 10% in the past two weeks, and additional declines are anticipated. 

A total of 37.5 million coins valued at less than $1 million, or roughly 13% of its current supply, will be released on July 18 on the X2Y2 NFT market. Within the previous 12 hours, the same-name token has decreased by around 6%.

In addition to these more significant launches, this week also sees the debuts of Euler (EUL), Cartesi (CTSI), and 1inch (1INCH).

The week of uncertainty

The volatility of the digital currencies market increased as the unlocking day approached. Prices fluctuated widely, with some tokens suffering substantial losses while others held steady. Investors anxiously watched the charts to predict how the market would respond to the unlocked token.

In this uncertain environment, traders and investors exhibited different behavior. There was panic selling, with many people selling their shares out of fear. On the other hand, seasoned investors saw the potential for profitable possibilities and waited patiently for the ideal time to act.

The market experienced many peaks and valleys in the days immediately after the token unlock, but it eventually stabilized. The inherent hazards of the Bitcoin market were brought to light during this period of ambiguity. It also emphasized the importance of conducting extensive research, managing risks, and having a long-term outlook while investing in digital assets.

The $27 million token unlocks a powerful reminder that the crypto market is a complex ecology but that with the appropriate strategy, investors might realize the sector’s enormous long-term potential.

Commencement of the Arkham ARKM Sale

Arkham’s ARKM on the Binance Launchpad began accepting subscriptions on July 17, making it this week’s most anticipated token sale.

One hundred fifty million tokens are being offered to Binance users in exchange for BNB in the contentious blockchain intelligence marketplace.

For the first five minutes, Binance only allowed trades at a price ten times the public offering price. So, at the outset, ARKM prices can’t go higher than $0.50. 

Recently, Arkham received criticism for data collection, with some crypto community members calling it a “snitch-to-earn” platform.

Here are some of the token unlocks for July

TokenUnlocks, an intelligence tracking platform, reported that many tokens from various DeFi projects were scheduled to be released in July. Market participants in the crypto space are still reeling from the selling pressure and fall in asset prices brought on by the SEC crackdown, and unlocking making the situation even worse. 

In the first half of July, DYDX, Aptos (APT), and Immutable (IMX) were released. Optimism (OP), Axie Infinity (AXS), and ApeCoin (APE) were scheduled to be unlocked in the latter half of July. 

These unlocks account for between 0.5% and 1.5% of the total supply of the asset, which suggests a sizable effect on asset values and the potential for increased selling pressure. 

Investors in the crypto market should keep an eye out for “sell the news” events, in which token prices rise in the days and weeks preceding an unlock, only to plummet on the day of the event itself. In addition, APE, AXS, and OP suffer from a double whammy due to the SEC’s crackdown and the token unlock event.

Source; Tokenunlocks.app

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