Zilliqa and Google Cloud unveil game-changing partnership: What you need to know

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  • Zilliqa Group has formed a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to enhance the Zilliqa Layer 1 blockchain protocol, focusing on scalability, resilience, and data availability.
  • Google Cloud will act as a staked seed node (SSN) operator on the Zilliqa network, providing infrastructure hosting services and validating transactions, thereby contributing to the network’s decentralization and security.
  • The collaboration aims to advance Web3 technologies by leveraging Google Cloud’s robust platform and Zilliqa’s pioneering sharding mechanism, potentially setting the stage for broader adoption and future partnerships in the blockchain ecosystem.

Zilliqa Group has entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with Google Cloud to enhance the Zilliqa Layer 1 blockchain protocol. This collaboration aims to bolster the scalability, resilience, and data availability of the blockchain, thereby benefiting ventures within the Zilliqa ecosystem and the broader Web3 landscape.

Google Cloud will serve as a staked seed node (SSN) operator on the Zilliqa network, joining 28 existing SSN operators. This role will enable Google Cloud to provide node infrastructure hosting services and validate transactions across the network.

“Google Cloud’s expertise in infrastructure, combined with their role as a staked seed node partner, underscores our commitment to excellence, both within the Zilliqa Group of companies and across the wider ecosystem. Together, we’re setting the stage for a new wave of innovation and growth in the Web3 space.”

Matt Dyer, CEO of Zilliqa Group

Enhancing network capabilities and data transparency

Zilliqa has been a pioneer in blockchain innovation since its inception in 2017. It was the first public blockchain to implement sharding—a mechanism that increases transaction processing capability by dividing the network into smaller groups of nodes.

The partnership with Google Cloud will leverage Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to offer best-in-class load balancing, autoscaling, and continuous integration and delivery capabilities. This will enable Zilliqa to keep its nodes operational around the clock and offer developers unprecedented scalability for Web3 projects in gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and loyalty programs.

Additionally, Zilliqa will utilize Google Cloud’s BigQuery, a serverless data warehouse, to make its blockchain datasets publicly available. This move aims to eliminate technical roadblocks associated with blockchain analytics and enhance data transparency. It will enable anyone to easily access and query transaction data from the Zilliqa mainnet, offering valuable insights into gas fees, token activity, and decentralized application (dApp) usage.

James Tromans, Head of Web3 at Google Cloud, stated that their engineering work with Zilliqa will focus on improving the scalability and resilience of the base layer to better support novel scaling solutions like sharding.

Early this year, Zilliqa partnered with Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ), a prominent eSports organization based in Indonesia, to create an NFT membership program for fans to boost the Web3 ecosystem.  

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