ZapLife is the 21st Century Dance Party

Technological advancements have moved forward at an astounding speed. Just a few decades ago, if you wanted to listen to music, take a photo, or call somebody, you would need three separate devices, and none of them could connect to the internet.

When Apple released the original iPhone, the technology became mainstream in an innovative, intuitive, and spectacular way. With the AppStore introduction, Apple has cemented how we will use our devices for years to come.

Google was quick to follow the trend with the release of Android. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followed with their respective apps.

ZapLife Brings Dance Party to Life

We currently live in a “livestream era” or “influencer era,” where people aspire to be content creators. Creators make content about all aspects of life, including games, lifestyle, and education. As the world evolves and shifts in front of our eyes, interacting with someone went from physical touch to virtual tap. 

ZapLife bridges the gap between content creators and fans by empowering users to engage with their audiences and monetizing their creativity. It does not matter what profession or walk of life you’re from; if you can do it live, you can monetize it on ZapLife.

Before ZapLife, DJs and artists didn’t have an all-in-one app to receive digital currency or payment of any kind. Hence, viewers had to go through the trouble of downloading multiple applications to support their favorite creators.

The ZapLife platform means content creators can earn a fee because fans can send virtual gifts directly through the app itself; the gifts can also be easily redeemed or used to buy other services or products. 

Traditional apps offer inferior sound quality because of technical reasons. If too many people livestream simultaneously, the app will freeze or even crash because generic apps weren’t designed to function like a live party application. ZapLife is explicitly designed to bring superb quality and functionality to a large audience.

“The revolution will not be televised, but it will be livestreamed.”

What Makes ZapLife Unique

ZapLife supports up to 1 million participants per room; fans can send virtual gifts, schedule events, and allow up to seven people to participate simultaneously in the content creator’s livestream. The platform also features hashtags for added search and visibility. The main goal of ZapLife is to take the livestreaming experience to the next level and allow anyone to participate. 

Unique features are part of what makes ZapLife new and exciting; it’s possible to send another fan or creator gifts; you can send virtually anything — from shots, high-fives to cigars! 

ZapLife features DJs, artists, hosts, VIP sections, and dance floor layouts that rotate every 15 seconds. The dance floor also converts into a stage for performances, live battles, and competitions that fans can participate in and rate on a scale from 1 to 10. There’s even a VIP club where you can upgrade your experience and make your event a private occasion.

ZapLife has a unique cryptocurrency ($ZapCoin) associated with the platform, people can share in the revenue of the app.  Fans are being locked out of creating generational wealth. For instance talented people create content on Instagram, but they don’t get rewarded with shares on Facebook for doing it. People who buy shares in Facebook don’t receive any revenue either. With ZapLife, the wealth is accessible.

When it comes to socializing, you can’t get more immersive than a ZapLife virtual party. The party lifestyle can now be enjoyed by anyone, at any time, anywhere around the globe. With ZapLife’s next-generation immersive experience you can live the dream without leaving the house.

ZapLife brings the party to you, but who you bring to the party is no-one’s business except yours.

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