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  • Yuga Labs wary of targeted hacks
  • The company previously wanted users in June
  • Malicious actors drain Premint NFT

Yuga Labs, the famous company behind BAYC, has cried out to traders about targeted attacks at some NFTs. A statement released by the company’s account mentioned that they have been watching some hackers over the last few weeks. The company mentioned that the hackers are trying to use several compromised accounts to target users. The statement also talked about security and users to report any discrepancies.

Yuga Labs raises alarm of a potential hack in June

The platform mentioned that its developers had closely watched the group and its activities over the last few months. It also noted that they are ready to strike, but users should ensure to keep their important details safe. This is not the first of its kind from Yuga Labs concerning a potential hack. Some months ago, the company’s co-founder warned users about an impending attack on its accounts.

In the statement, the firm mentioned that its Twitter account could be breached. After the company made the announcement, Twitter beefed up the security on its platform and helped Yuga Labs watch the activities of the company’s social media accounts. The co-founder warned users that the company had no intentions to conduct surprise mints.

Hackers drain Premint NFT

After the announcement, malicious actors struck some NFT groups connected to the company, sharing phishing links which eventually caused users to lose funds. Presently, the platform has not buttressed its claims on the update. This latest warning is coming off the back of the hack of another NFT platform. The thieves stole varying amounts in Ethereum and NFTs. The hack has gone down in history as one of the highest across the industry sector.

Premint provides a platform where owners of NFTs meet with famous collectors. Asides from that, they allow them to join whitelists, where they will eventually be awarded NFTs. The platform holds more than 12 million users with more than 10,000 NFTs. The hack went flawless, and after specific security checks, security discovered that the platform was embedded with malicious code by hackers. The code prompted users to verify their wallets on the platform but gave the hackers a field day to carry out the hack by providing them access to their wallets.

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