Yuga Labs stirs up interest in Bitcoin ordinals with cipher puzzle series

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  • Yuga Labs has initiated a 13-week cipher puzzle series inspired by their Twelvefold Bitcoin NFT collection, offering weekly prizes of 0.12 BTC.
  • Participants will need a Bitcoin ordinals wallet to join and will have their answers inscribed in satoshis, Bitcoin’s smallest unit, with winners being notified via email.

The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) continues to captivate as Yuga Labs, the creative studio behind the infamous Bored Ape Yacht Club, ventures deeper into the cryptosphere. The NFT giant is adding another layer of complexity and thrill to its audience engagement by launching a 13-week cipher puzzle series. Based on its Twelvefold Bitcoin NFT collection, this initiative seeks to enliven the Bitcoin community with the prospect of real rewards, stimulating both the mind and the wallet.

A foundation for cryptic adventure

Earlier in February, Yuga Labs released Twelvefold—a 300-piece generative art collection that utilizes a 12×12 grid for its designs. The collection quickly gained traction for its intricate artwork and underpinning blockchain technology. Serving as the basis for this new campaign, Twelvefold’s influence extends beyond just visuals. The cipher puzzle series aims to draw a parallel between the artistic complexity of Twelvefold and the cryptographic allure of Bitcoin.

Each week for the first 12 weeks, Yuga Labs will unveil a “Moon Puzzle.” Successful solvers stand to win 0.12 BTC, valued at a little over $3,000 as of current exchange rates. The stakes increase in the thirteenth week, where the last puzzle will be dropped, and the fastest solver will win a yet-to-be-disclosed Twelvefold ordinal.

Bitcoin ordinals wallet and satoshis

Participation is a matter of intellectual capacity and requires technological prerequisites. Participants will need a Bitcoin ordinals wallet to join the adventure. Moreover, answer submissions will be inscribed on satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, for a fee ranging between $4 to $8, contingent on network traffic at the time.

Yuga Labs clarified that each puzzle will have only one winner. In cases where two participants submit the correct answer in the same Bitcoin block, the submission with the lower inscription number will be accepted. According to a thread on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, winners are to be notified via email.

The first puzzle solved

The first Moon Puzzle, featuring six images that appear to be Twelvefold ordinals, was introduced with the clue: “Having two together during hibernation can make all the difference.” An astute participant quickly cracked it, revealing the answer to be “Jigsaw.”

The solver noticed that each of the six images combined two ordinals, one more blurred than the other. This led them to subtract the edition numbers of each pair of ordinals, which they then matched with the corresponding letters of the alphabet. The resulting letters spelled out “Jigsaw.”

While Yuga Labs hasn’t yet confirmed whether “Jigsaw” was the correct answer to the inaugural puzzle, the internet is exciting. With 12 more puzzles before the grand finale, Yuga Labs’ cipher puzzle series is a fascinating blend of art, cryptography, and community engagement, promising a compelling journey for all involved. Blockworks reached out to Yuga Labs for confirmation of the first puzzle’s answer but has yet to receive a response.


Each week, as the series progresses, promises a new blend of cryptography, art, and the thrilling potential for monetary gains. For puzzle enthusiasts and Bitcoin aficionados alike, Yuga Labs’ latest initiative offers a game and an entire experience—a cryptic escapade into the heart of digital art and cryptocurrency.

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