Year 2023: A Global Snapshot


  • Earth’s climate worsened in 2023 due to human actions, causing extreme weather.
  • AI and IoT advances sparked job security concerns in the entertainment and EV industries.
  • Unreported conflicts in Africa and ongoing global challenges defined 2023.

In the Anthropocene era, the impact of human activities on the environment and climate is undeniable. Record-breaking global temperatures, particularly in the oceans, are becoming routine. 

Rising sea levels, melting ice caps, and drastic shifts in weather patterns are evident. The consequences manifest in devastating forest fires, severe flooding, and other extreme weather events. Despite these observable changes, some remain in vulnerable areas like floodplains and threatened coastlines.

AI and the internet of things

The year 2023 marked a turning point in the global landscape, primarily driven by the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and electric vehicles (EVs). 

Two major labor strikes in the United States had significant worldwide implications. The first strike, in the entertainment sector, questioned whether AI would replace human actors and writers. 

The second strike focused on job security in EV manufacturing, as electric vehicle production requires fewer workers than internal combustion vehicles. The shift from petroleum to rare earth elements for battery production also raised international trade and diplomatic questions.

Some argue that recent developments have brought us closer to the “singularity,” when networked machines gain independent decision-making capabilities and enforce decisions upon humans. 

Furthermore, the growing utilization of electronic warfare, exemplified in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, raises concerns about the deployment of AI-powered autonomous military equipment capable of making decisions. Elon Musk’s concerns about the singularity may not be unfounded.

Unreported conflicts

2023 has witnessed widespread conflicts with significant human suffering, although many receive limited media attention. The Conflict Data Programme at the University of Uppsala identified 2022 and 2023 as the years with the highest global conflict levels since the end of the Cold War.

In Africa, the resurgence of the M23 guerrilla insurgent group, supported by Rwanda, has reignited terror and destruction in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This conflict has led to mass displacement and remains unresolved.


Civil conflict erupted in Sudan between the government’s military and the Rapid Support Forces, resulting in a humanitarian crisis and waves of refugees fleeing violence.

The Sahel and Nigeria

The Sahel region experiences civil wars, insurrections, and coups, contributing to an “arc of instability.” Northern Nigeria grapples with ongoing hostage-taking incidents.


The conflict arising from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues unabated, leading to infrastructure damage, civilian casualties, and cyber warfare campaigns. The economic toll on Russia and international debates surrounding aid and border control persist.


Violence erupted between Hamas and Israel, resulting in casualties and kidnapping incidents. Israel seeks to incapacitate Hamas, but the conflict has raised global criticism and the potential for further escalation, involving Hezbollah and Iran.

Looking ahead to 2024, over 70 nations are scheduled to hold elections, including South Africa, the US, India, Indonesia, and Russia. Repression of women in Iran and ethnic repression in China, Myanmar, and other regions remain ongoing concerns. 

Right-wing victories and economic challenges pose threats to the democratic model globally, making the future uncertain.

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