Robert Kiyosaki shares tips on how to accumulate wealth


  • Famous author Robert Kiyosaki has shared an in-depth insight into his wealth-building strategies.
  • Adoption strategies and diversifying portfolios.

Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, co-author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” recently shared insights on his wealth-building strategies. Notably, he emphasized the significance of the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC), scheduled for Jan. 20-21, where he is slated to be a keynote speaker. Robert Kiyosaki, whose book has sold over 32 million copies worldwide, believes that the future of stock and bond markets lies in resource-focused startups, distinguishing them from the more commonly known Silicon Valley technology startups.

Robert Kiyosaki shares valuable financial insights

Robert Kiyosaki asserts that the coming investment boom will revolve around resources, rather than the tech sector. Having made a substantial portion of his wealth in the resource industry, Kiyosaki sees the VRIC as a pivotal event. He recounted starting as a startup at the VRIC 25 years ago and expressed his invitation for others to join him at the conference. In his view, this is where real opportunities lie for those seeking to be part of the forthcoming investment boom in resources.

The Vancouver Resource Investment Conference is organized by Cambridge House International, which specializes in hosting and promoting investment conferences for the resource sector. According to Jay Martin, CEO of Cambridge House and host of the VRIC, over 300 junior mining companies will convene at the event, showcasing exploration and production of critical commodities necessary for the world’s progress in the 21st century. Martin believes that a new era of de-globalization is underway, with trust in global trade shifting irreversibly.

He anticipates a surge in demand for key resources as a result. Robert Kiyosaki echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the world runs on resources and labeling the VRIC as the most important investor conference for 2024. The Rich Dad Poor Dad author shared his personal experience, stating that he learned more about entrepreneurship, business, and global trade from the VRIC than he did through any other means. He advised young individuals to prioritize real-life experiences over traditional education, cautioning against relying solely on textbooks.

Adoption strategies and diversifying portfolios

While endorsing the value of the conference, Robert Kiyosaki acknowledged the tough nature and higher risk associated with gold mining. He encouraged attendees to learn from real-life experiences shared by industry experts at the VRIC rather than relying on conventional educational resources. In an interview at the VRIC last year, Kiyosaki outlined his criteria for investments, expressing his interest in gold, silver, and copper. He disclosed not owning copper but having substantial holdings in silver.

He recounted selling a silver mine in Argentina to Canadian mining company Yamana Gold. Additionally, he took Trixie Mine in Utah public in July of the same year. Emphasizing his belief in tangible assets, Kiyosaki recommended investors focus on valuable commodities. He highlighted his significant ownership of gold and silver, aligning with his consistent endorsement of these precious metals as sound investments. Furthermore, Kiyosaki advocates for Bitcoin, positioning these three assets as his preferred investments for navigating unstable times.

In November, he advised investors to consider acquiring Bitcoin before it becomes too late, underlining the potential of cryptocurrencies in his diversified investment strategy. Kiyosaki’s approach involves a combination of precious metals and digital assets, reflecting his proactive stance in adapting to evolving market conditions. As the VRIC approaches, Kiyosaki’s insights underscore the shifting landscape of investment opportunities, with a spotlight on the resource sector.

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