XRP as security debate: attorney John Deaton sheds new light on classification



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  • Attorney John Deaton contributes to discussions on XRP safety and classification.
  • Investors in this scenario could be deemed part of a single company.
  • Deaton’s insights highlight the need for clarity in regulatory frameworks.

Outspoken attorney and cryptocurrency advocate John Deaton continues to make waves in the discussions surrounding the safety of XRP, a digital currency associated with Ripple Labs. 

Deaton recently responded to a tweet from user Caesar Korvinus, who expressed their decision to purchase XRP based on the reputation of Ripple Labs’ Chief Technical Officer, David Schwartz, and the presence of other board members with strong technical backgrounds.

Deaton, never one to shy away from expressing his views, chimed in and shed light on the potential implications of such a purchase. He noted that the infamous Howey Test might be partially met if Korvinus dealt directly with Ripple and bought XRP from the company.

Under the described scenario, investors who acquire XRP like Ripple may be deemed part of a single company. Furthermore, thanks to Schwartz’s efforts, these investors could reasonably expect to make profits with minimal effort.

While acknowledging that there are individuals in Korvinus’ position, Deaton reiterated the SEC’s broader argument that all sales of XRP, including those on the secondary market, constitute investment contracts.

However, Deaton maintained his previous stance that this assertion is inaccurate. He emphasized that the situation changes for users who “acquired XRP for non-investment purposes, like transferring money on the ledger or utilizing the DEX.”

Deaton’s comments highlight an ongoing debate regarding the classification of XRP and its potential ramifications for investors. Besides his legal expertise, he brings attention to the evolving landscape surrounding digital currencies and the need for clarity in regulatory frameworks. Consequently, his insights contribute significantly to the discourse surrounding XRP’s legal status.

Furthermore, Deaton’s remarks underscore the importance of considering different user perspectives and motivations for acquiring XRP. He suggests that not all users should be subject to the same investment contract classification, as some obtain XRP for practical purposes unrelated to investments. This nuanced viewpoint challenges the prevailing notion that all XRP transactions should be treated uniformly from a regulatory standpoint.

John Deaton’s latest intervention further fuels the ongoing discussions regarding the safety and classification of XRP. With his legal expertise and insightful perspectives, he offers a fresh and alternative viewpoint highlighting the complexities surrounding digital currency. As the debate unfolds, Deaton’s voice remains a significant addition, shedding light on the diverse motivations and uses of XRP beyond traditional investment activities.

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