Xbox Game Pass Rumored to Undergo Major Restructuring

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  • Next Call of Duty may join Game Pass with major changes rumored.
  • A tiered subscription model with premium tiers is speculated.
  • Part of Microsoft’s gaming optimization post-Activision acquisition.

Recent rumors have suggested that the highly anticipated next entry in the Call of Duty franchise will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. 

Sources indicate that “big changes” are in store for Microsoft Game Pass. ResetEra gaming forum claims these changes won’t be witnessed immediately after retailing the probable Call of Duty. With this plan always uncertain, analysts in the industry may predict a tiered subscription model akin to those utilized by other favored streaming services.

Game Pass Might Offer Tiered Subscription 

Integrating a blockbuster franchise like Call of Duty into Game Pass could necessitate restructuring the service’s pricing and content distribution. One plausible scenario involves creating multiple tiers, with access to premium titles like Call of Duty reserved for higher-level subscriptions. 

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Using this method, Game Pass would somewhat liken itself to popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and offer users basic and premium subscription choices with limited content. It will generate additional earnings and let the best users continue using the service while keeping the initial price affordable.

Microsoft’s Gaming Industry Consolidation Efforts

The potential Game Pass overhaul comes amid Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to solidify its position within the gaming industry. Following the company’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has taken a more hands-on approach to managing the publisher’s operations.

Multiple activities have been implemented, such as closing several Activision subsidiary studios, reducing substantial workforces, and retooling the vast corporate structure. The Game Pass update may have been the stepping stone to perfecting the strategy to achieve balance in Microsoft’s gaming properties.

However, official details are kind of scant, with gaming enthusiasts waiting for a glimpse from Microsoft and Activision of the upcoming Call of Duty game release and its effect on the Game Pass service.

The Future of Call of Duty and Game Pass

With the fast-paced change in the gaming industry, the availability of Call of Duty through Digital distribution channels like Game Pass may mark a notable transformation in how people get and play their most loved games.

Should Microsoft introduce a tiered model, it would likely face scrutiny from consumers and regulatory bodies alike. Ensuring fair pricing, transparent content distribution, and maintaining a competitive market will be crucial considerations as the company navigates this potential transition.

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Regardless of the changes on the horizon, the marriage of Call of Duty and Game Pass represents a seismic event in the gaming landscape. How Microsoft manages this pivotal moment could shape the future of subscription-based gaming for years.

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