WSJ’s Tether narrative is misleading, claims cryptocurrency giant

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  • Tether has criticized the Wall Street Journal for its alleged biased scrutiny.
  • Tether states that many traditional finance institutions neglect client needs and focus more on scrutinizing Tether’s operations.
  • CTO Paolo Ardoino emphasizes Tether’s commitment to innovation while safeguarding token reserves.

Tether, the principal issuer of the leading stablecoin USDT, recently voiced criticism against the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The cryptocurrency giant asserted that while the WSJ consistently scrutinizes its practices, the publication remains silent on the ongoing challenges in the conventional banking sector.

Tether’s stance comes amidst mounting discussions about the broader dynamics of the Traditional Finance (TradFi) landscape. According to the stablecoin provider, many TradFi institutions need to be more attentive to their clients’ needs. Instead, they have shifted their focus to delve into Tether’s operations. Hence, Tether has urged these institutions to concentrate more on serving their clientele and addressing inherent issues.

Significantly, Tether emphasized its robust financial health by pointing to its substantial reserves. Boasting over $3.3 billion in reserves, the company assured its stakeholders that these funds primarily serve the interests of its users. Tether firmly believes that any company, with yearly earnings exceeding $4 billion, can comfortably clear its secured debts from its reserves. Additionally, the stablecoin issuer expressed its unwavering commitment to eliminating any secured loans from its current reserves.

However, it’s not just Tether’s reserves that have made headlines. According to Tether, the recent reportage by WSJ resembles a tabloid-esque narrative, seemingly tailored to satiate the appetites of TradFi magnates. By presenting a skewed perspective, Tether implies that the WSJ is doing a disservice to its readers and misrepresenting the stablecoin’s objectives and operations.

Moreover, to diversify and fortify its portfolio, Tether Group’s subsidiary, Damoon, announced a strategic investment in the Northern Data Group. This new venture sees Tether stepping confidently into sectors like energy generation, bitcoin mining, and advanced communications technology.

Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s Chief Technology Officer, commented on this new partnership. He remarked, “This investment underscores our commitment to responsible growth and innovation while preserving the strength and integrity of Tether tokens’ reserves.” With such moves, Tether aims to showcase its dedication to technological advancement and maintaining trust within its community.

Consequently, as the landscape of digital currencies continues to evolve, Tether’s proactive approach in addressing critiques while pioneering new sectors signifies its intent to remain a dominant player in the industry.

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