Wright puts Bounty On Hodlonaut’s Head; Bitcoiners Become Hodlonaut

The Norwegian Bitcoiner started a movement #LNTRUSTCHAIN in which he deleted his social media account to show that the protection of identity is the fundamental right of everyone, this act was followed by many influential people who changed their screen names to Hodlonaut.

This act was performed to show solidarity towards the importance of privacy. But this campaign makes it harder to pinpoint the real accounts.

Craig S. Wright offers five thousand dollars $5000 worth of BSV to anyone whosoever disclose the identity of Hodlonaut. He claimed to be the real person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nikamoto.

Craig S.Wright should take this action by contacting with Twitter through their attorneys and by privately conducted their lawsuit affairs about Hodlonaut, this is the only safe approach to cater to this issue.

On the other hand, if the identity of Hodlonaut gets revealed then his physical safety will be at stake. The Protection of privacy, family, and home are fundamental Human Rights granted to everyone by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The revelation of his identity might be a victory for Craig S. Wright, but this victory should not come with the violation of human rights.

Craig S.Wright puts the bounty on Hodlonaut’s head that is a serious matter and this case under criminal law. However, public defamation comes under the jurisdiction of civil law. Craig S. Wright should make proper legal proceedings and contact with twitter attorneys in this regard.