Deepfake Pornography Crisis: A Growing Threat to Women Worldwide


  • Deepfake porn surges: 113,000 videos were uploaded in 2023, a 54% rise from 2022.
  • Search engines inadvertently lead many to harmful deepfake content.
  • Victims face lasting trauma; and urgent calls for tech and legal solutions.

Recent analysis has unveiled a disturbing surge in the creation and distribution of nonconsensual deepfake porn videos. Over the past seven years, 244,625 videos have been uploaded to 35 prominent deepfake porn websites. This year alone, 113,000 videos were uploaded, marking a 54% increase from 2022.

Deepfake’s dark reach

The reported figures only touch the surface of a more extensive and complex problem. This nefarious industry majorly targets women and utilizes advanced AI technologies for face-swapping and even “stripping” clothing from photos. As Sophie Maddocks, a digital rights and cyber-sexual violence researcher, highlights, “This is something that targets everyday people…it’s become a daily occurrence.”

Searching for trouble

A significant number of individuals find these harmful websites through search engines. Research demonstrated that regardless of the country—be it Canada, the US, or Australia—searching for deepfakes led to multiple such sites. With over half of the site visitors originating from search engines, it’s evident that major platforms like Google and Microsoft’s Bing play a crucial, albeit unintended, role in this dangerous ecosystem.

The global impact and scale

Estimating the full scale of deepfake videos and images online remains a challenging task. While some are shared openly, others are distributed privately, often targeting and harming unsuspecting victims. Recent incidents, such as the targeting of young girls in Spain, further underscore the widespread nature of this issue. Asher Flynn, an AI abuse expert, comments on the expanding availability and demand for these nonconsensual pornographic tools.

Technology’s double-edged sword

The tools behind deepfakes have seen remarkable improvements in usability and quality since their emergence. This enhancement, coupled with the increased digitization spurred by the COVID-19 era and the lag in protective legislation, has created a hazardous mix, as Flynn describes it—a “perfect storm.”

The call for corporate responsibility

Experts universally agree on the need for immediate action. Henry Ajder, a deepfake and AI specialist, emphasizes the importance of adding “friction” to prevent easy access to harmful content. This could involve search engines lowering rankings for malicious sites or ISPs blocking harmful domains. Both Google and Microsoft have responded, outlining measures to counter the menace and reiterating their commitment to user safety.

The human toll of deepfakes

Behind the staggering numbers lies the profound human impact. The violation of privacy through deepfakes has chilling repercussions, especially for women. Twitch streamers have reported feeling violated, facing increased harassment, and even having their families exposed to the content. Flynn’s research echoes this sentiment, highlighting the severe mental health implications, ranging from anxiety and depression to self-harm.

The deepfake pornography crisis represents a grave threat, evolving rapidly in the digital age. Addressing this requires concerted efforts from legislative bodies, technology giants, and society at large. Only through collective action can we hope to mitigate the menace and protect the vulnerable from this new-age form of assault.

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