WPUR to warn about crypto mining environmental impact via Superbowl advert


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• The company could announce its crypto project at the SuperBowl.
• WPUR explains its hybrid farm to mine Bitcoin in Africa.

Recently this company which provides traditional services such as electricity and water, WPUR, launched several advertising projects supporting cryptocurrencies. However, the company has focused on showing crypto mining’s impact on the environment. The firm will seek to direct Bitcoin mining through solar farms.

A few days before the Superbowl’s stage is set, WPUR has thought about launching its crypto advertising alongside other agencies. For many cryptocurrency fans, the sports event is expected to be a huge one for the virtual market.

Crypto advertising will dominate the Superbowl


WPUR, a service company, is looking to stand out among the major agencies with a stand-alone Superbowl booth. However, the public sector company wants to represent a solution based on Bitcoin mining that protects the environment. In this way, the firm will highlight the solar technology that will work with these farms.

According to reports, WPUR will launch a guidance project within Africa to discover how good the sustainability of hybrid farms is. But this does not rule out the company trying to expand into other territories, such as North America.

WPUR’s flagship crypto-mining facility will also serve various purposes, such as powering ALYI’s Formula E event and serving as a tourist spot. Details are not yet known about how big the facility will be, much less how many cryptocurrencies it will extract per day through clean energy that will not cause a great impact on the environment.

WPUR joins big crypto companies

WPUR believes in growing together, and that is why it has joined forces with large crypto companies to make their project a reality. The firm acquired an operating fund in the African region, which comes with licenses, relationships, funds, and key systems that will serve projects.

The company joined Alternet, corresponding to a sustainable energy storage application. The firm also joined EV Ecosystem that belongs to ANYI, one of its main partners.

WPUR’s plan is very likely to succeed, and after its SuperBowl debut, it is expected to gain higher priority among US investors. It only remains to wait for the company to show the progress of the project and how profitable it has become for crypto-mining. Following the announcement, the company’s shares rose 4.76 percent to more than $0.0098.

The SuperBowl has also promoted crypto companies distinguished by their solutions to new investors. This cryptocurrency fever has reached big celebrities like Matt Damon and even gamers like Russell Okung..

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