Worldcoin announces that 1% of Chile’s population is now registered with World IDs


  • Worldcoin successfully registers 1% of Chile’s citizens, or over 200,000 individuals, with its unique World IDs.
  • This achievement underscores the increasing adoption and importance of digital identities in the modern era.

In a remarkable stride for the expanding world of cryptocurrencies and digital identities, Worldcoin recently announced a significant milestone in its engagement with the Latin American region. Notably, they have successfully onboarded 1% of Chile’s population, translating to over 200,000 individuals, onto its platform.

The pioneering World ID verification process

Delving deeper into Worldcoin’s approach, the core strategy focuses on prompting users to establish a World ID. This is not just any digital identity but is a privacy-centric one, crafted using an exclusive biometric device termed an “Orb”. By employing Orb, Worldcoin aims to assert and verify the uniqueness of an individual, essentially separating real human beings from the countless AI bots populating the digital world.

The underlying principle of World ID, termed “Proof of Personhood”, is championed by the Worldcoin development consortium, Tools For Humanity (TFH). They assert that as the world drifts further into the AI-dominated age, it becomes paramount to differentiate between organic human users and artificially created bots. 

Such a distinction holds twofold importance. Firstly, it ensures the integrity and trustworthiness of human users in various online engagements. Secondly, by enabling humans to unequivocally identify themselves, Worldcoin foresees a burgeoning global economic potential, exclusively reserved for humanity.

The groundbreaking achievement of accumulating over 200,000 World ID verifications in the Chilean region is a clear indication of the project’s escalating traction. It’s noteworthy that such expansive reach isn’t limited to a specific demographic. Instead, Worldcoin appears to have struck a chord with a diverse Chilean populace, traversing different socioeconomic landscapes.

To effectively address this surging interest and ensure seamless onboarding, TFH has judiciously bolstered its operational capabilities. While Santiago, the bustling capital, has been their foundational stronghold, recent expansions have seen the team stretching its wings to Vina del Mar and Concepcion.

Worldcoin: A global vision beyond Chile

Chile’s success story is merely a chapter in Worldcoin’s ambitious global playbook. As part of their overarching vision, the team, and the myriad of entities contributing to the project, have been relentless in their pursuit of global engagement. To put this into perspective, TFH has already stamped the identities of nearly 2 million individuals worldwide.

Such expansive global footprints, however, don’t come without their share of hurdles. The intricate tapestry of cryptocurrency regulations, varying across jurisdictions, has often posed formidable challenges. Yet, the narrative that emerges is not of these challenges, but of Worldcoin’s unyielding commitment. A commitment to harness the transformative power of digital currencies and make them accessible to the global populace.

During a spirited interaction at the Ethereum Argentina Mainnet Stage, Alex Blania, the mind at the helm of Worldcoin and the CEO of Tools for Humanity, shed light on the astounding resonance Worldcoin has found in Chile and the expansive South American canvas. 

Blania emphasized that Chile, with its harmonious blend of advanced tech infrastructure and progressive crypto policies, has evolved as the bedrock for crypto-centric innovations. He is optimistic that this confluence will catalyze an unprecedented wave of innovation in the crypto domain, ushering in a future where digital identities and currencies will redefine economic interactions.


Worldcoin’s journey in Chile and its global aspirations serve as a testament to the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and digital identities. As the lines between the physical and digital realms blur, initiatives like Worldcoin are at the forefront, sculpting a future where trust, transparency, and human-centric economic opportunities reign supreme.

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