Why government doesn’t crash Bitcoin; expert reveals

Governments around the globe are sitting together to figure how best to regularize and centralize cryptocurrencies while keeping the decentralization.

A renowned economy expert and a dedicated Bitcoin enthusiast, Saifedean Ammous describe how governments can crush Bitcoin and the reason why they will not do that?.

He recommends that imposition of a crypto ban will barely prevent persons from using BTC. Criminal use, dark wen market, etc. can be taken as a reason for the ban.

Though, a ban like this will further advertise the crypto. The economist states that a broad ban on Bitcoin will draw more responsiveness to BTC and will inspire people to use it.

There are enough anonymous sources of moving money out there that those who really need them for the criminal purpose would find another way to get around it.

However, the technology-driven market is pumping trillions of dollars across the globe into all sectors.

According to the economist, one potential way by which governments can crush Bitcoin is to compete it. By this competition, the governments will make the use of Bitcoin obsolete technology.

Suggested implementation of the gold standard to provide financial freedom and privacy of users can also help in out casting BTC.

This is the bare minimum which the heads of state would desire to do. Therefore, the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are in the cards to stay put for a harsh winter, however the likelier