Microsoft Outlook hack: cryptocurrency stealing through email address

Microsoft Outlook has been breached by hackers and it resulted in a cryptocurrency steal worth about thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) reported in so far.

The security of cryptocurrency has always been a serious concern. The hackers had somehow managed to get access to the Outlook account of the customer employee’s account and from they got easy access of the accounts to MSN and Hotmail. The Motherboard has revealed that many cases of hacking and stealing of cryptocurrency have been reported.

One of the cryptocurrency users has said that he has lot 1 Bitcoin having a value of five thousand five hundred and eighty-two ($5,582) at the time of publishing. He claimed that his personal account got hacked otherwise this would not be possible. When this user signed in to his account the password that he had set was found to be incorrect.

Moreover, when he tried to rectify it he has seen all his emails that were used to reset password in the trash. So, he said that the hackers were surely involved in all this scenario they got access to his outlook and deleted all the Kraken related emails too.

The dilemma was that the user was not using two-factor authentication (2FA) for ensuring secure access to his account, as this feature would prohibit the hackers from getting access to the account.

Another crypto user gave the statement that he had lost twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) by this act of breaching into his personal account and also the hackers deleted all his emails regarding the usage of cryptocurrency.

Another person claimed that for the past two months such type of incidents was reported, but no legal action has been taken so far, for cubing this issue. Victims of this hacking scandal accused that Microsoft is not serious about the provision of security to the crypto-users and that he will report in the police if no action had been taken by Microsoft.