Why Bitcoin is such an accessible investment for millennials

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Bitcoin and the Millennial generation

Bitcoin is three times more popular with millennials than any other generation. A millennial is anyone born between the years 1981 to 1996, so they are between 24 and 39. They are the generation that has lived through significant technological advancements as well as the financial crash.

Having lived through the financial crash, millennials know that banks can fail them. They have pushed for the traditional to be subverted, for the world to break out of the typical 9 to 5, 5 day week for shorter days.

They are not afraid of dying from the conventional. Millennials have a reputation for innovating and starting their businesses.

They are not scared of reasonable risk.

The millennial generation has lived through so much social change with racism, the refugee crisis, gender, and sexual inequality. An investment that fits millennials like a glove because it is technological, detached from traditional banks, a worthy risk, and an advocate for social change is the digital coin.

Bitcoin, a technology King

The digital coin is ahead of the game when it comes to technological advancements as the currency itself is digital. The very fact that the digital coin system operates in the crypto space and is worked by miners who solve problems makes it cutting edge technology.

Bitcoin vs. banks

When the digital coin was created, the plan was to take over the reserve currency and practically overpower banks. The digital coin is a peer-to-peer system without a centralized force that makes it more reliable in millennials’ eyes who lived through the financial crisis.

Thanks, to RSK their virtual machine based on the digital coin has enabled users to truly engage in decentralized finance powers and use the coin in different ways without a central player. Of course, the lack of supervision over Bitcoin means it is harder to keep the network accountable, which is not helped by the fact that Bitcoin owners’ identities can be concealed.

What still makes Bitcoin unique is that it is a worthy risk.

Bitcoin: an advantageous risk

Recently, even a Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams, was encouraged to invest in Bitcoin by Michael Novogratz, an ex-hedge fund manager, because of its guaranteed success. Bitcoin is predicted to reach an all-time high as recently it has only been going up and up.

Friday, the currency hit $18,815 on Binance, which had not happened in three years.

Bitcoin a driving force for social change

Digital currency has become a driving force for real change to happen. Latin America has been labeled the ideal location for digital currency because of how difficult it is for civilians to access banks.

It has also been crowned a way for Mexicans to break free from the Government taking money away from its civilians. The currency has been a tool for people to keep their money and give it.

The digital coin is an easy way for remittances to be passed around internationally.

In Nigeria, during the #EndSARS campaigns Bitcoin ended up being the primary source of funding for campaigners because the Government manipulation drove all the other currencies away.

Bitcoin has caught the heart, trust, and most of all, pockets of the millennial generation.

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