WhatsApp to Launch a Helpline in 2024 for Tackling AI Misinformation


  • MCA and Meta are starting a WhatsApp service in March 2024 to check facts and fight AI-made fake news. 
  • People can report fake content in four languages, and a special team will check these reports. 
  • This effort helps users find true information and stops the spread of false news online.

WhatsApp is set to launch a new helpline dedicated to combating misinformation. Meta, the owner of WhatsApp, has joined forces with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to launch the service. This helpline will go live in March 2024. It will provide a channel for users to fight AI-generated media and deepfakes. They pose a threat to public knowledge.

Whatsapp fight deepfakes

Deepfakes, or media crafted using AI to mislead, have become a growing concern. The MCA and Meta’s response is a WhatsApp chatbot. This bot lets people report suspicious media in English and three local languages. The other languages include Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. It’s a key step in the battle against misinformation.

The initiative includes a deepfake analysis unit by MCA. This team will check messages received through the WhatsApp helpline. Working with fact-checkers and digital labs, they’ll verify content and debunk false claims. This approach is part of a broader strategy to detect, prevent, report, and educate the public about deepfakes.

A collaborative effort

Shivnath Thukral, Meta’s Director of Public Policy in India, emphasized the importance of industry-wide cooperation. He notes that Meta’s commitment is in line with its pledge to fight deceptive AI use. This is especially important in the 2024 elections. Meta has been a leader in AI for over a decade. This initiative adds to its efforts to set standards for AI detection. It also aims to increase transparency.

Bharat Gupta, President of MCA, highlighted the significance of the Deepfakes Analysis Unit (DAU). This unit represents a collective approach to maintain a healthy information ecosystem. The initiative welcomes fact-checkers, journalists, and tech professionals to join hands with Meta’s support.

Meta’s ongoing fight against misinformation

Meta’s strategy in India includes working with 11 independent fact-checking organizations. These partners help identify and verify information, aiming to curb misinformation spread. WhatsApp encourages users to verify dubious information through tiplines. It also encourages them to follow fact-checking organizations for reliable updates. Additionally, WhatsApp’s efforts to limit forwards and reduce virality play a crucial role in this fight.

Meta is also investigating synthetic media. They are fact-checking and collaborating with academia and government. An upcoming AI labeling policy will mark AI-generated images on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. This will further enhance transparency.

The partnership between MCA and Meta is marked by the launch of a WhatsApp helpline. This is a significant step towards combating AI-generated misinformation. This initiative aims to safeguard the public against the deceptive influence of deepfakes. It does this by empowering users with tools to verify information. It also fosters a collaborative environment among industry stakeholders. Millions of Indians rely on WhatsApp for communication. This effort will have a meaningful impact on the information ecosystem.

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