What to remember while passing the long crypto winter?

Over eight months of crypto winter is quickly gaining on many investors and the last dry spell has been at the very least six months long. Most analysts believe that the cryptocurrency and blockchain sphere is gaining momentum towards a more mature market.

Analysts support their claim with the logic that similar to the dot com bubble cryptocurrency sphere has come to the point of the bubble burst. At this stage, they believe, the world would start moving towards a more mature industry since the low-grade cryptocurrency and the blockchains would not be able to sustain in the longer run.

While there has been a massive sway in the market for quite some time and this has caused a ripple effect in the market that can be seen in the form of lay-offs and major mining industries such as South Korea shutting down operations or forced to scale low.

What to expect passing through the crypto winter

The cardinal rule one should abide by is adaptability and scalability. Most small startups diving into blockchain are the driving force behind the revival of the crypto-sphere along the way. On the other hand, the currencies that are not strong enough would be dead long before the crypto-winter is over.

As an investor, your approach should be extremely cautious towards any new cryptocurrency or the initial coin offerings (ICOs) since your calculations should include pre-calculations for a possible wipe-out.

Life is a little easier for you if you are a trader since the day to day market routine enables you to stay on the front of the tide, also exposing you to larger risks. As a trader, you should stay away from currencies showing distress signals and change your portfolio to more stable currencies.