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  • Whale Alert notices transactions worth over 20,000 BTC
  • Bitcoin price rises as high as $13,000

Whale alert, a significant blockchain tracking service, has noticed a bitcoin transaction worth over 10,000 Bitcoin and another over 8,000 BTC in the last twenty-four hours.

The transactions  were worth over $200,000, and the transaction fee charged on both was worth less than $25.

Bitcoin was able to break over the $13,000 resistance recently, and crypto whales alert have been able to spot some other significant transactions in bitcoin.

All of these transactions have attracted only a low fee. They have been delivered swiftly compared to when huge transactions of this nature have gone through the traditional banking system that took days, if not weeks, to deliver. 

Such transactions, in the past, have also always attracted an exorbitant transaction fee. But with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, high transaction fees are a thing of the past, as the crypto asset charges a very negligible amount as a transaction fee.

Whale Alert records Bitcoin rising over $13000

Whale alert has shown that Bitcoin’s price has risen over the $13000 resistance for the second time in recent times after Paypal announced that its gateway system would be supporting transactions in cryptocurrency.

We reported how Paypal would allow its users to hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major crypto coins in their crypto wallets. And how the major payment gateway system plans to roll out this feature to all of their international users by 2021.

This major news played a role in the rising of Bitcoin’s price as it showed that the mainstream financial organizations were beginning to accept and adopt cryptocurrencies as a viable means of transaction across the globe.

Not only that, with PayPal coming into the crypto game now, other financial institutions would begin to actively seek means where they can also connect to the growing and widely accepted standards of financial transactions in the world.

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