$ 1,192.69 2.03%
$ 38.10 4.73%
$ 0.071359 7.52%
$ 4.97 3.24%
$ 20,840.00 1.71%
$ 235.47 0.97%

Wax Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is WAXP a Good Investment?

wax price prediction

Wax (WAXP) has gained popularity in the blockchain industry in the past few months. It simplifies e-commerce transactions by using WAXP tokens to make navigating the digital commerce market easier. With a jumpstart in Dec 2021, WAXP’s trading volume has boosted $1,368,277,000 by 1250%, leading to a market cap increase of 32.81%.

Wax price predictions are a critical analysis of the past price actions of the WAXP token. Wax is a blockchain released in 2017 and was designed to enhance e-commerce transactions by making them safer and faster.

The Wax token (WAXP) was developed to bring more efficiency to blockchain technology; being a layer one blockchain, the platform is renowned for its apparent support for Non-Fungible tokens. The Wax blockchain is arguably one of the most significant layer one blockchains with NFT support, and it has since thrived off the NFT feature.

Today’s WAX price today is $0.129638 with a 24-hour trading volume of $25,061,347. WAX is up 1.22% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #125, with a live market cap of $265,605,748. It has a circulating supply of 2,048,825,178 WAXP coins and the max. supply is not available.

Why is WAXP Price Rising?

In mid-November, this token is the best gainer on The coin has a market cap of $1.5 B. Its total daily exchange is around $1.3 billion. Therefore it is no secret the market is happy about the asset.

On DEC.09,2021, WAX said it welcomed OKEx to their ecosystem after purchasing their native tokens in a significant but undisclosed amount of cash. They said that this investment would give OKEx some rights in the governance of their whole ecosystem.

The Wax blockchain has grown immensely and is currently trading at an average market price of $0.3477, which signifies a 24 hours percentage price increase of 1.47%.

The Wax coin is listed on cryptocurrency market exchange platforms with the ticker symbol WAXP. It is currently ranked number #101 by market cap on Coin Market Cap, with a live market capitalization of USD 678,537,249.

The overall market sentiment for the token is quite bullish; however, before we analyze the WAX price action to determine the expected future price of the token, let’s break down the entire Wax ecosystem and determine its impact on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. 

What is Wax (WAXP)?

The WAX token, also known as WAXP, is a virtual cryptocurrency entirely compatible with EOS, a mainet launched as a significant competitor to the Ethereum blockchain. The WAX price has steadily increased over time and can easily rank among the top 100 most popular tokens in the crypto world.

The WAXP price forecast is based on the previous analysis of the price of the WAX token from its launch. One significant aspect of any blockchain technology is its consensus mechanism. The platform uses a delegated PoS consensus algorithm for the WAX blockchain, also known as the dPoS (delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.)

The platform’s development encourages the ability to vote on proposals within the blockchain, which is often lacking in most layer one blockchain technologies. Similarly, the entire Wax ecosystem consists of a broad range of blockchain features such as cloud wallets, crypto marketplaces, decentralized exchange platforms, blockchain games, and other forms of blockchain-related property.

One significant boost to the Wax blockchain is its support for Non-fungible tokens that have recently received significant attention from the crypto world. The NFT trading platforms have increasingly witnessed an increase in the number of registered NFTs and the amount being traded.

Being among the governance token on the Wax blockchain, the Wax token has benefited from the surge in trading activities within the ecosystem. As a result, the Wax token has since recorded impressive returns on investment of up to 74% since its launch. Below is a detailed overview of the WAX token’s past and present price analysis.

Wax (WAXP) Overview

Wax Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is WAXP a Good Investment? 1

Image Source: CoinMarket Cap

The cryptocurrency industry market cap has been fluctuating between 1.7 trillion US dollars and $2 trillion US dollars. The fluctuation has resulted from several negative crypto news affecting the use of cryptocurrencies in some geographical regions because of failure to meet financial regulation standards.

However, the token has generally maintained a positive percentage ROI (Return on Investment) since its launch. Currently, the WAXP token is trading on several crypto exchange platforms from Binance to KuCoin and Huobi Global, among others.

Jonathan Yantis and Willian Quigley founded the entire blockchain project in 2017. The two have had credible background experience in financial and managerial positions.

The overall performance of the Wax price has been impressive over time. Today the crypto token trades at an average price of $0.0354.

The token is particularly unique because it allows users to convert their tokens between two blockchain ecosystems. The  Wax blockchain permits WAXP users to convert their tokens to a similar token known as WAXE. On the other hand, WAXE is an ERC-20 crypto utility token.

These unique features have given the parent Wax coin an apparent price rise due to the continuous interaction with the other blockchain networks.

Today, they employ smart contracts that allow the advanced blockchain features to be executed, allowing for more transactions within the network which subsequently increases the price of Wax (WAXP).

The current market cap of WAX token stands at $688,525,050.70, which is up 1.16% in the last 24 hours. The token has a crypto market dominance of 0.03%, with a volume to market cap ratio of 0.1386. However, the trading volume has slightly declined to $95,396,822.15 within the last 24 hours, representing a -24.84% change.

The Wax token has had an impressive run since its launch. From the data available on Coin Market Cap, the virtual currency recorded an all-time low price of $0.01596 – on December 30th, 2019. Similarly, the highest price ever recorded for the cryptocurrency was $5.01 – five years ago in December 2017. With a total supply of 3,852,726,973 WAXP and a current circulating supply of 1,951,720,115 WAXP, the token is poised to record more price gains in the future.

The historical data indicates that WAX price predictions should be bullish for the long term. However, the predictions are also dependent on other market factors; therefore, before we perform a thorough analysis of the possible future prices of Wax tokens, let’s dissect some of the applications of WAXP and the WAX ecosystem as a whole.

Wax (WAXP) Applications

Several applications exist for the Wax blockchain in general. The platform was designed to introduce more efficiency in crypto transactions, focusing on the e-commerce sector. Today, however, the WAX ecosystem has managed to incorporate several blockchain features that make it unique and solve significant challenges faced by other blockchain ecosystems of its caliber.

The WAX forecast is massively dependent on the current price of Wax as well as its actual utility to cryptocurrency users. The platform allows users to interact with various NFT games that allow users to play to earn. For instance, the Kolobok Adventures and Alien world are some of the games that allow access to their decentralized applications (DApps) and NFT marketplace through the Wax blockchain.

Wax bosts of a robust network of smart contracts that automate several transactions within the ecosystem. It is also renowned for its famous Wax lab, which oversees the voting process within the ecosystem to approve or disapprove projects. The blockchain boasts faster transaction speeds that allow several transactions per second within the blockchain network, unlike the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, the platform charges affordable gas fees, which are incredibly below the benchmark for other blockchain projects.

Wax token Technical Analysis

From a technical view, the Wax token is currently trading around 0.03 levels, and if it breaks above 0.03260 resistance levels, then a move towards 0.03600 and 0.04000 is possible in the short term. On the downside, support levels are at 0.02800 and below that at 0.02600 levels. The MACD on the daily chart is currently signaling a bullish crossover, and the RSI is trading around 54 levels. If the WAX price falls further, as it has in recent weeks, the support of $0.259 is reached, and investors may anticipate future support. The most important support level is $0.230.

Wax Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is WAXP a Good Investment? 2

The moving averages on the Wax/USDT daily chart have been one of the most reliable bullish indicators for this market in recent times. The 50-day moving average has provided strong support for price action since early February, and a bullish crossover of the 50 and 200-day moving averages occurred in mid-April.

This moving average crossover signaled a change in trend from bearish to bullish. The moving averages have remained bullish since then, and the most recent crossover occurred in early October when the 50-day moving average crossed above the 200-day moving average. This was a very strong signal that the trend had changed from bearish to bullish.

The 4-hour price chart for Wax/USDT shows that the price has been in a strong uptrend since the beginning of October. The price has made higher highs and higher lows, and the trend is intact. The RSI is currently at 65 levels, and the MACD is signaling a bullish crossover.

Wax Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is WAXP a Good Investment? 3

Wax Price Predictions by Authority Sites


At wallet Investor, they predict a long-term price increase is expected, and the price prognosis for 2027-05-29 is 1.013. They are optimistic in their WAX price predictions as they believe the coin is on a path of steady growth in the future.


Trading Beasts predict that WAX might reach $0.037 by the end of 2022 and $0.047 by the middle of 2023. Their Wax price prediction is based on assumptions such as an increase in the adoption of blockchain technology and an increase in the use of cryptocurrency for payments.


According to, Wax might reach $0.12 by the end of 2022, and the maximum price for the WAX token is anticipated to be $0.14, which is a more than two-fold increase from the current price. They are optimistic in their WAX price predictions as they believe the coin is on a path of steady growth in the future.


Wax Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is WAXP a Good Investment? 4
Wax Price Prediction 2022-2030: Is WAXP a Good Investment? 5

Wax Price Prediction 2022

In 2022, we expect the price of WAXP will drop to a minimum of $12, based on our in-depth technical analysis of previous price data for WAXP. The price of WAXP may reach a maximum price of $0.14, and an average trade price of $0.12.

Wax Price Prediction 2023

2023 will see the price of WAXP increase to a maximum of $0.17, as the adoption of blockchain technology is likely to increase. The price of WAXP will be volatile, as it is influenced by many factors such as news, partnerships, and technology developments. A maximum price of $0.21 and an average price of $0.17. 5.

Wax Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, the price of WAX is expected to drop to a minimum of $0.24, according to price forecasts and technical analysis. With an average trading price of $0.24, the WAXP price may rise to a high of $0.29.

Wax Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, the WAX token price is predicted to be at least $0.34. In 2025, the average price of WAXP is expected to be $0.35, with a maximum price of $0.41.

Wax Price Prediction 2026

It’s predicted that the WAX price may reach a minimum of $0.50 in 2026, which is the lowest feasible figure. According to our research, the WAXP price might rise as high as $0.60 with an average prediction price of $0.52 per token.

Wax Price Prediction 2027

The WAX price is expected to be around $0.73 in 2027, based on our in-depth technical analysis of previous WAXP price data. With an average trading value of $0.71 in USD, WAX may reach a maximum value of $0.87.

Wax Price Prediction 2028

In 2028, WAX is expected to have a minimum price of $1.05. In 2028, the WAX price might reach a maximum price of $1.22, with an average trading price of $1.09 during the year.

Wax Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, the WAX price is predicted to be at a minimum of $1.54, based on forecasts and technical analysis. There will be a maximum price of $1.81 and an average price of $1.58 for WAXP.

Wax Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, the price of WAX is expected to reach a minimum price of $2.30 and an average trading price of $2.36, WAX may achieve a maximum value of $2.62 by 2030.

With an increasing trend in the price of WAX, it is predicted that the price will continue to rise in the future. The factors influencing the price of WAX include the adoption of blockchain technology, news, partnerships, and technology developments. Investors are advised to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Wax (WAXP) Price Prediction by Industry Experts

A wide range of platforms offers crypto forecasts. Despite the fact that some crypto analysts have established themselves as trustworthy experts. It’s hard for new investors to keep track of cryptocurrency market movements, and it’s nearly impossible to predict the future with accuracy.

Although no one in the business may guarantee to precisely predict future coin prices, experts have delivered respectable price predictions over time.

Wax tokens are expected to have a positive long-term trend, with industry experts and crypto influencers generally supporting the predicted upswing. According to Crypto addiction analysts who boast 35.2k subscribers on youtube say (WAXP) IS THE BITCOIN OF NFT WORLD! 📈 200X POTENTIAL! and the price of Wax will increase over time as the NFT industry grows.


Numerous reasons, such as the large WAXP community, strong foundations, and synergies with other organizations, will ensure that the WAXP token is a successful investment.

The Wax Studios community has recently announced they are thrilled to receive $10 million funds from OKX Blockdream Ventures funds to join them on their journey to take over the #GameFi & #NFTs space! #PlayToEarn.

This is the most recent forecast for WAX we have. With a good trend, it appears that WAXP will close the year on a high note. Those are just a few of the technical evaluations and observations produced by our platform’s renowned specialists and experts.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.


What will Wax (WAXP) price be in 2030?

By 2030, Wax price forecasts show that it is a profitable investment option for long-term holders. Most Wax holders should expect a good return on their investment by 2030, as the cryptocurrency is poised to trade at record prices between the market’s $8 and $10 mark.

Will WAXP reach $5?

The all-time high price of Wax token is about $5. However, the cryptocurrency experienced a massive price fall that recorded significant losses. However, the token has since gained momentum as more crypto enthusiasts adopt the Wax blockchain ecosystem with the rise of Non-Fungible tokens. According to the forecasts above, the Wax token can attain market prices of up to $5 and beyond by 2028.

Is WAXP a good investment?

According to the future values of the Wax token, the short-term and long-term price prognosis indicates the cryptocurrency is a good investment. The Wax projects are arguably solid blockchain projects with real-life use cases. Such projects often stand the test of time, unlike the standard meme tokens that often face out with time.

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