VVS Crypto Price Prediction 2024 – 2033: Is VVS Finance a Good Investment?

VVS Crypto Price Prediction 2024 – 2033

Cryptocurrency projects are gaining more and more popularity as time goes on. Many people are interested in what will happen to the prices of these projects in the future. Will VVS Crypto price prediction help shine a light through the crypto winter?

How much is VVS worth?

Current Price$ 0.0₅4045
30-day Price Prediction$ 0.000008
Fear & Greed Index72 (Greed)
Green Days11/30 (37%)
50-Day SMA$ 0.0₅4767
200-Day SMA$ 0.0₅3553
14-Day RSI39.34

The current VVS finance price is $0.000004045, with a 24-hour trading volume of $564,936. VVS Finance is down 0.37% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #301, with a live market cap of $182,637,685. It has a circulating supply of 45,149,870,562,248 VVS coins and a max. supply of 100,000,000,000,000 VVS coins. (Updated as of this writing 26 April 2024)

VVS Crypto Technical Analysis

Daily Simple Moving Average (SMA)
SMA 3$ 0.0₅4298SELL
SMA 5$ 0.0₅4314SELL
SMA 10$ 0.0₅4306SELL
SMA 21$ 0.0₅4518SELL
SMA 50$ 0.0₅4767SELL
SMA 100$ 0.0₅4086SELL
SMA 200$ 0.0₅3553BUY
Daily Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
EMA 3$ 0.0₅4166SELL
EMA 5$ 0.0₅4237SELL
EMA 10$ 0.0₅4399SELL
EMA 21$ 0.0₅4580SELL
EMA 50$ 0.0₅4553SELL
EMA 100$ 0.0₅4231SELL
EMA 200$ 0.0₅3834BUY
Weekly Simple Moving Average (SMA)
SMA 21$0.00BUY
SMA 50$0.00BUY
SMA 100$0.00BUY
SMA 200
Weekly Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
EMA 21$ 0.0₅4007BUY
EMA 50$ 0.0₅3417BUY
EMA 100$ 0.0₅1598BUY
EMA 200

VVS’s price was up 12.90% in the last 12 months and down 21.33% over the previous 30 days as of 26 April 2024. Like most altcoins, VVS’s recovery began in October 2023, affected by market macroeconomics, such as the spot Bitcoin ETF approval and halving. The coin performance, however, reversed in April.

Image Source: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) for VVS/USD is 39.34, indicating no reversal probability in current areas. The MACD indicator is also bearish but suggests little market momentum. This suggests that sellers are losing strength, and the market could be moving into consolidation.

VVS Crypto Price Prediction by Cryptopolitan

YearMinimum ($)Average ($)Maximum ($)

VVS Crypto Price Prediction 2024

VVS prices, cryptocurrency experts expect that the VVS rate might reach a maximum of $0.000006. It might, however, drop to $0.000005. The forecasted average of VVS is nearly $0.000006.

VVS Price Prediction 2025

VVS price is forecast to reach the lowest possible level of $0.000008 in 2025. As per our findings, the VVS price could reach a maximum possible level of $0.000008 with the average forecast price of $0.00001.

VVS Price Prediction 2026

According to our deep technical analysis of past price data of VVS. In 2026, the price of VVS finance is forecasted to be at around a minimum value of $0.000011. The VVS price value can reach a maximum of $0.000014 with the average trading value of $0.000012.

VVS Crypto Price Prediction 2027

After analyzing the prices of VVS in previous years, it is assumed that in 2027, the minimum price of VVS will be around $0.000016. The maximum expected VVS price may be around $0.000019. On average, the trading price might be $0.000016 in 2027.

VVS Finance Price Prediction 2028

According to our deep technical analysis of past price data of VVS. In 2028, the price of VVS is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.000023. The VVS price can reach a maximum level of $0.000028 with the average trading price of $0.000024.

VVS Price Prediction 2029

Based on the analysis of the costs of VVS, the following maximum and minimum VVS prices are expected in 2029: $551.97 and $456.23. On average, it will be traded at $472.49.

VVS Crypto Price Prediction 2030

VVS finance’s price is forecast to reach the lowest possible level of $0.000035 in 2030. As per our findings, the VVS price could reach the maximum possible level of $0.00004 with the average forecast price of $0.000036.

VVS Price Prediction 2031

Every year, cryptocurrency experts prepare forecasts for the price of VVS. It is estimated that VVS  will be traded between $0.000078 and $0.000092 in 2031. Its average cost is expected at around $0.00008 during the year.

Finance VVS Price Prediction 2032

As per the forecast price and technical analysis, In 2032, the price of VVS is predicted to reach at a minimum level of $0.000113. The VVS price can reach a maximum level of $0.000136 with an average trading price of $0.000116.

VVS Crypto Price Prediction 2033

After years of analysis of the VVS price, crypto experts are ready to provide their VVS cost estimation for 2033. It will be traded for at least $0.000168, with the possible maximum peak at $0.00019. Therefore, on average, the VVS price should be around $0.000174 in 2033.

VVS Price Prediction by Coincodex

According to Coincodex’s most recent price estimate, the Fear and Greed Index is 72, indicating a greedy investor sentiment. The present crypto market prognosis for VVS is bearish (Greed); nevertheless, according to technical indicators from Coincodex. VVS’s price has fluctuated by -19.21% over the last 30 days, with 11 of the 30 days being green.

Looking ahead to the future, Coincodex’s VVS projections highlight the potential for significant growth in VVS’s value over the next six years. Still, it’s essential to note that these estimates are speculative and subject to market dynamics and unforeseen factors.

VVS Price Prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

According to the latest forecast from DigitalCoinPrice, it is anticipated that the value of VVS cryptocurrency will experience a significant increase of 118% by the end of 2025, reaching $0.0000105. The Fear & Greed Index is currently at 23.59, indicating extreme fear among investors.

VVS Price Prediction by Industry Influencers

YouTube influencers are betting on a bullish price forecast, with higher highs and higher lows in upcoming years. CryptoTro, for instance, explores the possibility of VVS making a 100X run in this bull market. He predicts a sturdy potential gain during this Bitcoin halving period.

Is VVS a Good Investment?

VVS is on a bear trend that is moving into consolidation. Considering the market macroeconomics and the latest VVS price prediction by Cryptopolitan price prediction, the coin will register higher highs over the next eight years.

Recent News/ Updates on VVS

VVS continues to lead the Cronos blockchain on Total Value Locked (TVL), which has now risen to over $250 million.

VVS Fundamentals

In a nutshell, the platform’s unique features, such as Bling Swap and Glitter Mining, allow it to provide a distinct flavor to users. Here are some of its most essential characteristics:

Liquidity Provision

You can become a Liquidity Provider (LP) on the VVS platform, a third-party entity that provides liquidity. They earn two-thirds of the swap fees in that pool (in proportion to the number of tokens they contributed).

Crystal Farming

LP token holders may earn even more incentives by staking their tokens using Crystal Farming. The payouts are usually much more significant than we see in traditional centralized yield accounts.

Bling Swap

Swapping tokens for a fee of just 0.3 percent (as opposed to the usually centralized exchanges with conventional order books) is possible via this interface. Users must pay a trading charge of 0.3% to liquidity providers and the platform.

Glitter Mines

This staking service allows you to stake your VVS tokens and earn a return on your investment. The current annualized ROI for glitter mining is about 10 percent, but this number may change over time.

It’s also worth noting that the VVS team has been working on an upcoming Initial Gem Offering (IGO). This would be the first-ever IGO on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing users to get their hands on some of the rarest gems in the VVS ecosystem.

Glitter mining is a craft that may be done in three ways:

  • Auto-VVS automatically compounds the $VVS you stake, ensuring you make even more $VVS.
  • You may also use a manual VVSL or VVS with no automation. You must manually harvest your rewards and compound them back into the mine.
  • You may participate in xVVS partner mines by staking the xVVS governance token, which you can acquire after participating in all three stages of the mine opening period. Note that you must harvest your rewards manually.

VVS Crypto Price History


VVS Finance’s historical data reveals that the token was launched on 22 November 2021, and the prices increased to $0.0001542. Since the prices have moved sideways, with some corrections, 


By January 2022, VVS’s price declined to $0.00002382.

On 10 February 2022, the digital currency began trading for $0.00004303 before plummeting to $0.0000263 on 24 February. On 18 March, the coin sold for as low as $0.00002126. However, as the broader crypto markets began to show signs of recovery at the end of April 2021, the price started to climb. On 28 March 2022, the coin traded at $0.00002833, but the rise was not permanent. The crypto fell even further in May and closed the month at $0.00001949.

The 18 June market crash saw VVS prices plummet to lows of  $ 0.000004955, and since then, the prices have fluctuated around that level.


In 2023, VVS consistently traded below $0.0000045, falling to as low as $0.000001946. The late 2023 bull run helped it reaffirm its $0.000004 position.

Image Source: VVS Finance Token Price, Charts & Market Insights | Your Crypto Hub

More About VVS

Where to store VVS

You can connect your wallet to these wallets to buy and store your VVS crypto:

What do I have to know about VVS Finance?

Screenshot 1919

Source: VVS Finance

VVS Finance Coin is one of the most successful decentralized finance projects. According to data from the project’s website, VVS Finance is the entrance to the decentralized finance revolution. With VVS Finance, users may take control of their money and earn VVS rewards. VVS Fiance strives to make DeFi easy and accessible to billions of people with low fees, quick transactions, and competitive payouts.

VVS Finance stands for Very, Very Simple DeFi trading for all.

image 36

Learn how to connect your wallet to VVS Finance here.

The VVS Finance protocol is a set of smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to make DeFi trading easy and accessible to billions of people worldwide. As a result, VVS (very, very Simple) Finance was born.

VVS Finance, backed by blockchain accelerator start-up Particle B, is ranked the 73rd-largest cryptocurrency decentralized exchange (as of 1 April 2024) and provides various services, including staking, trading, and derivatives. The project claims it is a one-stop shop for customers to trade tokens and earn substantial returns easily. 

A decentralized exchange (DEX) deploys built-in market-making (AMM) on the Cronos chain. Users can make money through trading and accessing VVS Finance’s website, and they may do so by being both a liquidity provider and a VVS miner. A smart contract is used to bring liquidity/assets from Liquidity Providers.

Liquidity providers who own a pair of assets can receive Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens as proof of ownership. They can receive a percentage of transaction fees when the pair is traded, depending on how much liquidity they have supplied. Holders of liquidity provider (LP) tokens may also stake them to earn VVS rewards.

What is the mission of VVS Finance?

VSV Finance was created to make sophisticated protocols accessible to everyone. It allows you to swap tokens, earn high rates, and have fun. Unlike a regular centralized exchange, VVS Finance is an Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange, so there are no middlemen or order books. VVS Finance has fine-tuned its Token Economics to incentivize all parties to promote the platform’s long-term viability and success.

The VVS Token powers the ecosystem and gives users access to premium features. It also regulates supply, providing price stability while still being deflationary.


VVS Finance is a new cryptocurrency in the DeFi space, and it has the potential to become one of the top DeFi projects in the crypto space. The team behind this crypto project continues to develop the project’s ecosystem. According to our price prediction, we expect this coin to increase in the future.

VVS Finance’s future relies heavily on the crypto industry’s overall development. When it comes to investing in VVS, you must ensure that you are employing the proper strategy. This investment is not appropriate for those with an asymmetric risk profile. However, it remains a fantastic investment for people with a high-risk tolerance and a stable financial situation. Aside from its speculative nature, VVS provides exposure to worldwide technology and an ever-expanding ecosystem.

In terms of pricing, VVS Finance offers tremendous promising prospects. VVS is expected to appreciate. According to experts and industry analysts, VVS Finance might reach a high of $0.000196 by 2033. Only invest money after conducting own research or seeking professional investment advice.


Is VVS Crypto a good investment?

The value of VVVT Finance is anticipated to rise, as a lack of supply typically leads to price rises. Please note that there is some risk to any investment, and the price predictions given above are just our forecasts and not investment advice. Carry out your research before investing.

What is the ATH of VVS Finance crypto?

The all-time high price for VVS Finance was$0.0001549 on 24 November 2021.

How to buy VVS crypto?

Once you have purchased Bitcoin using Coinbase, you can then transfer your Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance to purchase other cryptocurrencies, including VVS Finance.

How can I get a VVS Finance wallet?

VVS Finance produces its own wallet software that is available for download on its website, which allows you to store VVS Finance on your computer. For maximum security, you can store your cryptocurrencies on a dedicated hardware wallet such as a TREZOR wallet or a Ledger Nano X. If you do not wish to buy a hardware wallet, you may consider using a mobile wallet such as Atomic Wallet, Jaxx, or Coinomi to store multiple cryptocurrencies with some added security benefits.

What is the rarest and brightest yield farming in the VVS farms?

The Shiny yield farming opportunity offers streams of passive income to multiply your assets.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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