Vulnerability in Bitcoin core raises concerns about blockchain integrity


  • Bitcoin Core’s inscription vulnerability threatens blockchain integrity.
  • Bitcoin Knots fixed the issue, but Bitcoin Core remains vulnerable.
  • Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens are fraudulent and will disappear.

In a recent public service announcement, Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr alerted the Bitcoin community to a vulnerability within the Bitcoin Core software. The vulnerability is related to inscriptions, a feature that allows users to obfuscate their data as program code, effectively bypassing the limits on additional data in transactions. 

While the issue has been addressed in Bitcoin Knots version 25.1, concerns remain about its potential impact on the Bitcoin network.

The Vulnerability and its Implications

Bitcoin Core has long allowed users to limit the size of extra data in transactions, giving them control over the amount of additional data that can be included in the transactions they relay or mine. This limit is controlled by the (-datacarriersize) parameters. However, inscriptions can circumvent this limitation by disguising their data as program code.

Dashjr emphasized that this vulnerability has been exploited as a spam attack on the Inscriptions, highlighting its potential to disrupt the efficiency and integrity of the blockchain. He noted that while the bug has been fixed in Bitcoin Knots version 25.1, Bitcoin Core remains vulnerable in the upcoming v26 release, with hopes for a resolution before the v27 release in the coming year.

The fate of Bitcoin ordinals and BRC-20 tokens

One user questioned what would happen to Bitcoin ordinals and the BRC-20 token if the vulnerability were fixed. Dashjr’s response was unequivocal: “Ordinals and BRC-20 will no longer exist.” He further asserted that the concept of Ordinals “never existed to begin with” and labeled it as fraudulent.

Dashjr explained that the vulnerability and its exploitation were primarily aimed at spamming the Inscriptions feature. Despite concerns and fear surrounding this development, the Bitcoin Core developer asserted that the news is, in fact, “good for everyone.”

Impact on miners and non-mining nodes

Addressing concerns about the role of non-mining nodes in deciding the fate of the network, Dashjr emphasized that the vulnerability primarily pertains to the blockchain’s efficiency and integrity. 

Honest miners who genuinely care about Bitcoin’s well-being are expected to welcome the fix. While non-mining nodes can also utilize Knots, the developer pointed out that the collective impact of the fix extends beyond individual nodes.

It is important to note that while the vulnerability is primarily a technical concern related to the blockchain’s efficiency and integrity, its implications can indirectly affect the security and value of Bitcoin holdings. The potential for spam attacks on the blockchain can lead to congestion and increased transaction fees, impacting the overall user experience.

Bitcoin holders and enthusiasts are advised to stay informed about developments in the Bitcoin Core software and to ensure that they are using the latest, most secure versions. Dashjr’s alert serves as a reminder of the ongoing need for vigilance and continuous improvement in the cryptocurrency space.

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