Vietnam has the highest number of crypto holders – Finder poll

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • A recent survey was conducted by Finder, a website that compares various products in over 27 nations.
  • The aim was to find out the nation that had the highest number of crypto holders.
  • The poll shows that Vietnam tops the list as the nation with the highest number of crypto holders.
  • The survey engaged over 42k citizens and revealed that India and Indonesia are also among the top holders of cryptocurrencies.

The Finder website is known to compare virtually everything that can handle a comparison. A recent report was published by the website titled the Cryptocurrency Ownership Report, wherein the website compared the number of cryptocurrency or digital asset holders across 27 nations.

The growth of cryptocurrencies in American states like Wyoming and El Salvador is historical, but countries like India, Vietnam, and Indonesia are not far behind when it comes to crypto adoption. While Vietnam has opted for a crypto-friendly attitude, the growth of crypto holders in India has been on the rise despite threats from the government.

The rise in the number of crypto holders

The presence of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry resonates across multiple sectors. Due to high returns in short intervals, these assets have become lucrative for investors. In the Report released by Finder, the number of males holding cryptocurrencies are higher as compared to the number of women. There is a distinction of around six percentage points between the stats of the two sexes.

When it comes to detailed statistics and percentages, it has been seen that around 30 percent of Indians and Indonesians are crypto holders, while in Vietnam, the situation is more optimistic as 43 percent of citizens hold digital assets.

Other countries that make an appearance in the poll include Malaysia, Norway, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, and also Singapore. The largest gender gap of around 9-12 percent was seen in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Ireland, while the smallest gaps of around 1-2 percent were seen in Portugal, South Korea, and New Zealand.

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