U.S Senator arrested for lying about theft of crypto mining gear

In a surprising turn of events, a United States senator has been taken into custody due to lying about a theft that never occurred. A public representative lying publicly tarnishes the national pride, against the American way of governance.

Michael Williams a Republican was indicted on multiple counts and therefore sent to jail. Court files reported that the person had made a false police report as well as giving a false statement. The senator had claimed that mining servers worth $300,000 were stolen from his office.

Investigators are now looking at whether the theft took place or not. Although the alleged was taken into custody, the court is yet to release a detailed statement on the matter. The defendant’s attorney is of the stance that the accused is not guilty of these charges.

The prosecution, on the other hand, is yet to reveal their hard evidence against the Senator. Williams is among the few politicians in the United States actively promoting and rooting for cryptocurrencies in the country.

The accused has previously helped in passing a crypto payment bill for the Georgian Senate. Moreover, he had a very strict policy against Mexican immigrants that got him more than a little hate.